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Six benefits of Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics

A screenshot of Puzzel's Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics feature.

Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics helps improve live conversations in your contact centre.

Many contact centres today use a speech analytics solution to analyse their customer calls and uncover insights on how to improve their customer service. These solutions transcribe and analyse customer calls after they’ve happened to reveal common call drivers, trending topics, customer sentiment, and root causes of customer complaints.

However, while these insights are useful for improving future calls, they aren’t much help to agents during calls. That’s where Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics comes in.

What is Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics?

Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics provides contact centre agents with helpful insights and suggested answers to customer questions during live calls. It works by listening to the ongoing conversation and extracting the keywords, context and customer’s sentiment to suggest the best possible answers contained in your knowledgebase, chatbot solution or historical call transcripts.

Here are six ways this benefits your customers, agents and business.

Benefits for customers

Customers today want to be served fast. They don’t want to wait in long call queues or on hold while agents search for the right answers to their questions. And they want to be shown empathy. They want to be treated as individuals with feelings and unique wants and needs that are important to your business.

Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics empowers contact centre and call centre agents to meet these expectations by:

  • Speeding up handling times: With Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics, agents don’t have to go hunting for the right information or answers to customer questions in your internal systems. Instead, these are automatically presented to them based on live analysis of the customer’s dialogue. This removes the need to put callers on hold and speeds up handling times, giving valuable time back to the customer.
  • Tracking the customer’s mood: Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics can detect whether a caller is feeling positive, neutral or negative based on their speech. This information is presented to the agent via a live graph, which enables the agent to track the customer’s mood over time and adjust their language or approach to improve the outcome of calls.

Benefits for agents

Over the last decade, the demands on contact centre agents have grown enormously. Not only are there more customer service channels to handle, but enquiries are also becoming more complex as simpler tasks are increasingly delegated to chatbots and self-service channels.

Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics can help ease pressure off your busy agents and teams by:

  • Reducing agent effort and minimising errors: Real-time analytics gives your agents the live direction and support they need to answer customer enquiries quickly and accurately. This reduces agent effort, minimises errors, and ultimately results in more confident and competent teams.
  • Supporting new hires: Real-time analytics are particularly useful for new hires, who are still learning and may not know answers to customer questions by heart. With this technology, new hires can access new information more readily and ramp up their proficiency quickly. This makes it an invaluable tool for contact centre managers, as it means less time spent on onboarding and training.

Benefits for your business

Seventy-nine per cent of customers now say the experience a business provides is as important as its products or services [1]. The quality of your customer service can therefore be a powerful differentiator and driver of growth for your brand.

Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics helps you deliver exceptional customer service (and improves your bottom line) by:

  • Increasing first-time resolutions: Real-time analytics reduces the need for costly call-backs, where agents have to organise a follow-up call with a customer, by presenting them with the right information they need to solve enquiries in real-time. This increases your first-time resolution rate and customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing running costs: With faster handling times and a higher first-contact resolution rate, your agents will be able to serve more customers per shift. Shorter ramp-up times for new agents will also help reduce your onboarding and training costs.

Want to see Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics in action?

You can book a live demo here. For more information on our latest products and features, visit our What’s New page.

[1] https://c1.sfdcstatic.com/content/dam/web/en_us/www/documents/research/salesforce-state-of-the-connected-customer-4th-ed.pdf

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