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Q3 Product Release: New tools for post-pandemic customer service

Puzzel has released an exciting new product and an array of new features to support contact centres as they take on new post-pandemic challenges.

If you manage a contact centre, then you know just how busy they’ve become this year.

Customers are more demanding than ever. New channels have emerged. Teams are now working at home and in the office. Agent wellbeing has become a top priority. And the very role of the contact centre is evolving.

It’s incredible to think (if you can find a spare moment, that is!) just how much the contact centre has changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

But change isn’t easy. And these changes have created a ton of extra work for managers, team leaders, and resource planners to juggle on top of their day-to-day tasks.

That’s where we come in…

Supporting the post-pandemic contact centre

To help contact centres tackle these new challenges, today we have released an exciting new product and an array of new features in the Puzzel Customer Service Platform.

This release is part of our post-pandemic product strategy and directly addresses some of the biggest challenges you and other contact centres are facing right now, including:

  • Improving agent experience: Streamlining workflows and improving coaching programmes to increase agent engagement and retain your best talent
  • Improving work-life balance: Providing agents with more flexibility around when and where they work, with more contact centres now adopting hybrid models [1]
  • Increasing efficiency and maintaining service levels: Finding ‘quick wins’ for managers where they can save time and effort as their workload increases

So let’s take a look what we’ve released.

Puzzel Quality Assurance

Puzzel Quality Assurance is our new quality assurance solution.

With Puzzel Quality Assurance, you can identify and evaluate the customer interactions that matter most to your business, extract actionable insights, and deliver personalised coaching programmes that improve your agents’ performance.

It includes everything you need in a QA solution, including the ability to:

  • Build custom work queues to automatically identify and distribute customer interactions to QA teams for evaluation and root-cause analysis
  • Create standardised scorecards that reflect your company’s unique values, processes and standards
  • Provide constructive feedback to agents and enable them to track their own results and performance on a private, personalised dashboard
  • Quickly identify which agents and aspects of your customer experience require attention and then track how your QA efforts impact your business KPIs
  • Schedule, manage and record all coaching meetings in one place, with prompts to ensure follow-ups are captured and reviewed in the next session.

You can learn more about Puzzel Quality Assurance on our product webpage.

Zendesk Integration

Puzzel’s new integration with Zendesk enables agents to handle all Puzzel calls from within the Zendesk platform. This eliminates the need for agents to switch between windows and applications while interacting with customers.

Whenever an agent receives an inbound call or makes an outbound call, a ticket is automatically created in Zendesk Support. Calls can go through landlines, mobile phones or softphone, and be transferred to other agents, queues, catalogues or specific phone numbers as required.

Managers can also use our integration app to monitor queues, including the number of callers waiting, the number of agents available, and calls offered and answered, as well as team availability.

You can learn more about our Zendesk Integration on the Puzzel Marketplace.

Text to Speech

Puzzel’s new Text to Speech feature makes it easier than ever to change your voice customer journeys. All you need to do is write the message that you want your customers to hear when they phone in, and it will be automatically converted into a voice message.

You can customise the language, voice and style of your message to align with your organisation’s tone of voice, and preview all audio files before they go live.

Employee Preferences

Employee Preferences is a new feature available in our workforce management solution, Puzzel WFM. It enables agents to define the days and times they would prefer to work, right down to specific hours of the day. These preferences can then be factored into schedules, giving agents more flexibility to work around their personal commitments, such as study or childcare.

With many contact centres now offering flexible working, Employee Preferences helps to streamline the scheduling process. Managers also have the option to create ranks, based on tenure or performance level for example, to help decide which agents are assigned their preferred shifts first.

Offline Tasks

Offline Tasks is another new feature available in Puzzel WFM. It enables you to repurpose agents during idle times and assign them offline tasks, such as writing new email templates, without disrupting your service and impacting service level targets.

You can easily create forecasts for back-office tasks, distribute tasks throughout the week to minimise impact on other queues, and set rules for how much and how often agents work offline.

You can learn more about Offline Tasks in our Puzzel WFM release notes.

Want to learn more?

Join our webinar on Thursday, September 30, to learn more about our latest releases and the benefits for your contact centre. Secure your place here.

[1] https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/making-hybrid-work-more-permanent-set-some-ground-rules/

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