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Customer story: OPEN cuts response times by 85 per cent with new contact centre

Payment solution company OPEN cut its response times by 85% after switching to Puzzel’s Contact Centre and completing a reorganisation process.

OPEN specialises in payment solutions and point-of-sale systems for the commercial sector, in particular businesses such as restaurants, petrol stations and cruise operations.

The company was created through a merger of several companies in the sector, and operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, with a workforce of approximately 170.

This merger brought together several different systems, which made collaboration and providing connected customer support between the different countries tricky. Consequently, they needed a contact centre solution that could be used by everybody within the company.

“The system needed to be modern, user-friendly, cloud-based, and to incorporate the reports currently needed for follow-up. It needed to be Nordic and to function in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland,” says Claes Tollebäck, Chief Operating Officer at OPEN.

Jimmy Buller, Chief of Growth & Customer Experience, added: “We wanted a system that would work equally well with seven people or 100 people — a system that would allow us to grow.”

This made Puzzel’s cloud Contact Centre solution the obvious choice.

Integrations streamline support

OPEN has now launched its centralised support function for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Special customisations have been made to its contact centre so it can connect with the company’s other systems, which, according to Claes, provide effective support and save time for employees.

“The contact centre is integrated with our CRM system so that we can view the CRM profile of the customer who is calling. It is also integrated with our case management system, which automatically sets up a case. As a result, the support organisation can conclude the case just like that. It saves time,” he said.

Response times reduced by 85%

The company has also implemented a major reorganisation that, in combination with Puzzel’s contact centre solution, has resulted in significant improvements in response time.

“With the reorganisation and the introduction of the solution from Puzzel, we have gone from an average response time of 20 minutes to a mere 3 minutes,” Jimmy said.

“We are even closer to our customers than we have been before,” he added.

According to Jimmy, the response from customers has been positive following the launch of the new support system. The goal for the future is further improvement.

“We want to be a market leader for this in our niche. We want to continue to make it easier for our employees to do a better job. This is fully achievable with Puzzel’s solution operating as it does, and the fact that we are connecting functionality from our systems,” he said.

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