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Who’s Who: Scott Maryan, Learning & Development Manager

Learning and Development Manager, Scott Maryan

“There is an intense sense of unity and maturity within the company.”

Welcome to our Who’s Who series, where we introduce you to the wonderful people who work at Puzzel and explore their roles, achievements and impact. From chess players to trained chefs, globetrotters and code geeks, our diverse team is full of talent and expertise worth sharing.

Scott Maryan is our Learning & Development Manager. A trained chef, passionate teacher and charismatic quizmaster, he joined Puzzel in 2019 and is responsible for designing and creating our comprehensive training programs.

Q. Tell us, what does your role at Puzzel entail?

A: Hello! The great thing about my role is I wear a different hat every day. I support client training, partner training, internal training for Puzzelers, and digital learning, namely through our online Puzzel Academy. I’m responsible for developing the educational resources, including lesson plans, handouts, worksheets and activities, that help our Solution Architects deliver high-quality training.

Q. Did you always want to work in education?

A: I left school with the hopes of becoming a teacher and accidentally found myself training to be a chef. Although I qualified as the next Gordon Ramsay, my aims to become a teacher remained and I got there eventually. I still love cooking, especially traditional French cuisine, and cook a mean Beef Wellington.

Q. What do you think makes a good teacher?

A: To be a good teacher you really need to have two different skill sets – the classroom management skills to deliver the training and strong knowledge of the subject matter. Good teachers and trainers need to have effective communication skills, excellent planning skills and the ability to adapt. They must be able to form strong relationships with the people they’re teaching, be resourceful, open-minded, and of course intensely passionate about what they do. 

My priority when delivering training is to focus and think about the learner and their needs. Whether it’s a client learning about a new product or a new Puzzeler joining our team – everybody has different needs and it’s my job to make sure we can cater to them.

Q: What’s been your favourite thing about working in Learning & Development at Puzzel so far?

A: For me, it’s about making a difference. That difference could be something big or something small, like giving someone the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. I’ve also made some very good friends in this role, which can be hard to find in some modern workplaces.

Q: What’s your proudest achievement at Puzzel so far?

A: The launch of the Puzzel Academy in May 2020 was a major milestone and, I believe, a game changer for Puzzel. It was a six-month project that required developing a large amount of content that was both high-quality and supported a range of users. However, my proudest moments come when people reach out to say thank you.

Q. How would you describe the culture at Puzzel?

A: Puzzel has a unique culture that makes it a wonderful place to work. There is an intense sense of unity and maturity within the company. It feels like everyone is committed for life and when someone does leave, which is rare, it is always a surprise. Everyone is respected as an expert in their field – whether it’s in learning and development, marketing or IT. Many Puzzelers have over 25 years’ experience and that is valued. Our sick leave is also only around 2 per cent, which is quite low.

Q. What are your hobbies outside of work?

A: I have too many hobbies… I’ve taken up snowboarding since joining Puzzel. I am rubbish but totally addicted! I’ve also taken up running recently, although I’ve had a few accidents along the way. I have a Vespa scooter which I ride around Norwich thinking I am a Mod. I also enjoy collecting art, collecting vinyl records – my favourite is Blue by Joni Mitchell – listening to music, and supporting my favourite football team, Arsenal.

Q: What is your go-to song when you’re in need of extra motivation?

A: That must be the hardest question ever! I am always listening to music and my taste is pretty eclectic. I love songs with good lyrics and enjoy influencing others. One of my top three favourite songs is One Day Like This by Elbow because it reminds me of someone special.

Q: You host a virtual pub quiz for Puzzelers every Friday afternoon. How did that come about?

A: When the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year and the UK went into lockdown, our UK HR Manager Carey Smith asked if I’d like to become our resident quizmaster. I was shielding alone at the time and it really helped keep me sane. It started as a way to keep people social while we were all working from home, and it’s still going today! I’ve even stepped down and been a contestant a couple of times … and won!

Q: What is your favourite trivia fact?

A: There are more vitamins in a Mars chocolate bar than a chicken salad. OK, so this might be fake news but it’s what I like to tell myself!

At Puzzel, your ideas are encouraged and your opinions matter. If you think you’d be a great fit for our team, get in touch today!

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