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How Puzzel packages can help you engage, delight and inspire your agents and customers

Puzzel packages are designed to make buying and implementing a cloud contact centre solution easier and get you up and running faster.

Choosing the right customer service solution for your contact centre just got easier.

Puzzel has now launched three customer service solutions packages – Engage, Delight and Inspire – designed to make buying and implementing a cloud contact centre solution easier and get you up and running faster.

Having worked with contact centres for over 20 years, we know what features you need to succeed at each stage of your business growth, whether you’re a small enterprise that’s just starting out or large, well-established corporation.

Here’s what you need to know  

Recognising that omnichannel service is no longer a luxury but a necessity for customers, our new packages offer voice plus one, two or four additional digital channels – including email, social media, web chat or SMS – giving you the freedom to choose the right channel mix for your customers. All packages also come with basic Puzzel Support, which can be extended outside of business hours if required.

Jonathan Allan, CMO at Puzzel, comments: “When designing these packages, we consulted our customers to inform our strategy, to ensure the offering was capable of solving real-life business challenges”.


Puzzel Engage is our essential contact centre solution. Combining voice with one other digital channel, it offers a truly omnichannel experience for your customers supported by an array of must-have features. Agents and managers are given all the tools they need to handle calls effectively, including softphone, interactive voice response (IVR), call out and audio management, while skills-based routing ensures customers are directed to the right people with the right skills to handle their enquiries every time. Puzzel Engage also includes email case management, basic CRM integration and access to Puzzel’s APIs for extra customisation.


Puzzel Delight is our advanced contact centre solution. It combines voice with two other digital channels for a more impressive customer experience and is enhanced with artificial intelligence and extra automation features. In addition to our standard voice tools, it also includes silent monitoring for improved quality control, and callback, giving customers a more convenient way to get in touch without having to wait in a queue. Puzzel Delight offers email case management, basic CRM integration, access to Puzzel’s APIs, and our Advanced Agent Assist, which can guide agents through challenging interactions with helpful suggestions based on the customer’s mood. Agents and managers can also take advantage of surveys to measure and track customer satisfaction, and email and SMS campaigns to proactively reach out to customers and start two-way conversations.


Puzzel Inspire is the ultimate contact centre solution, combining voice with all other digital channels for standout customer experiences. In addition to all the benefits included in Puzzel Delight, it also includes our powerful workforce management solution, WFM. With WFM, managers can accurately forecast demand and schedule staff to be in the best place possible to achieve the highest service level for their customers. They can also monitor real-time adherence (RTA) to track agents’ performance and behaviour. All Puzzel’s packages come with detailed reporting and analytics, enabling contact centre leaders to quickly measure customer satisfaction, agent and team efficiency, and maximise return on investment.


With Puzzel Design, you can build your own bespoke contact centre solution. We’ll help you choose the right channels, integrations, tools and automations to suit your unique business needs and contact centre environment. Our open software can integrate with CRM systems, speech recognition engines and dozens of third-party applications, including Microsoft Teams, Slack and Skype for Business, to help you build the most efficient solution for your contact centre.

Why packaged CCaaS solutions are the future 

The contact centre industry has undergone considerable change over the past few years. From homeworking to self-service – businesses are now under extraordinary pressure to keep up with customer expectations and embrace the latest technology and service practices to impress and retain their customers. But the current CCaaS landscape lacks agility, transparency and is overly complex. Most contact centre solutions are still sold as they were for dated, on-premises solutions with complex purchasing cycles and a confusing array of options and choices. We believe it’s time contact centre leaders felt the benefits of a customer-first approach when looking for a technology partner.

Børge Astrup, CEO at Puzzel, comments: “Puzzel’s new approach will make choosing the right technology simpler and in turn result in employees being more motivated and capable to support their customers, ultimately improving engagement and loyalty”.

Our commitment to you

Our new packages are just one way we’re putting customers at the heart of everything we do. We’ve also established a new Customer Success function within Puzzel to better support our customers throughout their journeys and accelerated our investment into our services and support team.

To find out more about our new packages, visit puzzel.com/packages.

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