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Speech Analytics: Using the Voice of the Customer to Improve Service Experience

Introducing speech analytics into the contact centre is the first step towards understanding customer needs and boosting profits

“Customer is king’, the long-established mantra of the service industry, brings a whole new dimension to contact centres today because nothing beats talking to customers to find out exactly what they think about an organisation’s products and services. The best-performing companies do this intuitively. They regularly take on board honest client feedback – good and bad – to make tangible service improvements that boost customer loyalty and positively impact the all-important bottom line.

In many industries, it is standard practice for companies to record all customer conversations that take place in the contact centre. However, the sheer number of these conversations can be overwhelming and easily exceed the average organisation’s ability to review and analyse them. Technology too has been a little sluggish in meeting the enormous complexity of the task. Traditional quality monitoring techniques have typically provided only a very limited view of what is happening across the whole contact centre environment. This applies to gathering valuable customer feedback as well as measuring the effectiveness of agents themselves in terms of their call handling skills and sales techniques.

Until now, that is. The latest cloud-based multi-channel contact centres integrate seamlessly with innovative speech analytics technology to change the status quo and provide a powerful value proposition. Embedding speech analytics into the contact centre enables organisations to analyse and search 100% of recorded customer calls in real-time, helping to glean valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions – of customer calls quickly and efficiently. Highly sophisticated, today’s clever technology can even identify dialects, regional accents and slang in addition to detecting the usual keywords and phrases. In addition, organisations can customise their speech analytics technology for technical or industry specific terminology.

The end results for businesses everywhere are impressive. At a glance, managers are able to:

  • Analyse call content to reveal insights on reducing costs and improving products, processes and the customer experience
  • Identify competitive threats and opportunities, the root cause of customer dissatisfaction and call volumes that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Throw the spotlight on ‘moments of truth’ in the customer journey
  • Better understand the specific drivers of customer loyalty across the organisation.

Recent advancements in speech analytics coincide with the growing popularity of cloud-based contact centre solutions. Cloud contact centre platforms are rapidly coming of age and for very good reasons. Cloud services offer a wealth of benefits that make them affordable, and therefore accessible, to all sizes of businesses. This is a far cry from just a few years ago when only very large organisations with the financial clout and human resources to match had any hope of making meaningful customer analytics activity a reality.

Today’s cloud-based contact centres combine the proven benefits of a traditional on-premise solution with the increased flexibility, scalability and reliability of the latest software-as-a-service platforms. Add to this, true multi-channel capability in a single application and a cost-effective Pay-As-You-Go pricing model make it clear that deploying a cloud-based contact centre infrastructure really is the way to go when looking to boost customer service and profits.

What’s more, a cloud-based approach to customer analytics in the contact centre guarantees:

  • Lower costs
  • Smooth and swift implementation times
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Easy access for remote workers

The superior scalability, flexibility and security provided by cloud-based contact centre deployments with fully integrated speech analytics are critical to eliciting dynamic, valuable customer feedback that sheds light on the real-life wants and needs of the customer. This gives business leaders the hard evidence they require to make meaningful changes to the overall product portfolio, their service framework and support procedures. In a nutshell, by adopting an integrated, cloud-based approach to speech analytics, organisations are in an ideal position to use the voice of the customer to boost customer service and maximise business potential and profits.

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