Declutter screens with Puzzel’s new Agent Application

De-clutter screens with the new Agent Application from Puzzel

The new Agent Application from Puzzel supports direct integration between enterprise solutions and agent screens through one unified user interface. Improve efficiency and productivity in contact centres by giving agents a single view of customer conversations.

Puzzel Agent Application technology means all channels can be brought together into one place, streamlining processes and helping agents to clean up messy desktops to produce a single contextual view of customer interactions.

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Key benefits:

  • Agents are presented with the information and functionality most relevant to them from one unified user interface to provide a more personalised and effective customer interaction.
  • Easy switching between customer enquiries – whatever the channel, to allow agents to deal with multiple simultaneous interactions at any one time.
  • Intuitive desktop applications designed from the agent’s perspective using widgets to interface seamlessly with important tools and enterprise systems.
  • Improved customer experience as a result of more confident, motivated and empowered agents.

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