Puzzel: Transforming your customer interactions

Puzzel improves customer dialogues. Our Contact Centre and Payment solutions have helped shape the customer experience for hundreds of companies and organisations across the world.

Contact us to discover how we can transform your customer’s interactions and help you deliver:

  • A true omni-channel customer experience
  • Increased productivity and agent satisfaction
  • Closer customer contact
  • Improved service levels
  • Secure payment through electronic channels

There is more to Puzzel than meets the eye with the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Puzzel is a new and vibrant company, however, it is built on over 20 years’ experience of crafting inventive and dependable customer communication solutions as a result of formerly being Intelecom’s contact centre entity.

Puzzel was created to add increased agility and cohesion to future product development and to maximise research and development (R&D) resources. The company will continue to focus on introducing innovative technology that offers consistently high levels of stability and security that won’t let you down.

Puzzel is a flexible, scalable, fully integrated cloud contact centre solution that offers increased productivity and takes customer interaction to another level. From a single agent interface, which is adaptable and easy to use, your organisation can meet the needs of your customers in today’s omni-channel and mobile environments.

Puzzel believes in creating powerful customer dialogues and has developed one of the few contact centre solutions that is completely multi-channel bringing together all the pieces to respond to phone, email, Web Chat, Social Media, SMS and payment enquiries all within one application.

Whether you are looking for a multi-channel contact solution, a new mobile application or the latest in secure payments by telephone, web or SMS, Puzzel will draw together the pieces to deliver the right solution where the possibilities are limitless and the results will delight both you and your customers.

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