Your Festive Season
CX Reading List

It’s time to kick-back, relax and enjoy some CX reads

The festive season is here, and whether you’re hoping to relax in the warm at home or escape to somewhere new, we’ve got 12 interesting reads for you during the lead-up to Christmas.

Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain

“One of my sources for the work I do in emotive CX comes from the brilliant team led by neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett. ‘Seven and a Half Lessons About The Brain’ captures the latest insights into why humans have evolved to use emotion and its role in shaping our daily reality. An easy read and a great myth-buster as well! It’s a book I always recommend for anyone wanting to develop more powerful people engagement strategies based on the evidence of how humans interact with their world.”

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Martin Hill-Wilson
Director, Brainfood Consulting

Talk: The Science of Conversation

“I would recommend ‘Talk: The Science of Conversation’ by Elizabeth Stokoe. This book will change the way you think about talk. It will explain the big pay-offs to understanding conversation scientifically. It’s a great read and has had a big impact on me at work and in my personal life.”

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Martin Teasdale
Founder & Owner, Get out of Wrap

Finding Gold Dust: How To Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

“Whether you work as a customer service operative, you lead customer-facing teams or you’re running your own business, this book is for you. There is ‘Gold Dust’ in every single conversation you have with a customer, as long as you know where to look, and Gavin can help you find it.”

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Nerys Corfield
Contact Centre Consultant

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! and Green Eggs & Ham

“I’d like to make a slightly off-beat suggestion to encourage folks to unplug, look at things differently, rest a little and have a bit of fun. It’s important. 

So, with that in mind, I’d like to suggest two books from Dr Suess: Green Eggs and Ham and Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Why? Well, Green Eggs and Ham offers a great lesson on what can be achieved when working with constraints, which feels particularly relevant right now. Theo Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, wrote Green Eggs And Ham using only 50 different words. This came about as a result of a bet in 1960 with Bennett Cerf, the founder of the publisher Random House. Moreover, Green Eggs And Ham went on to sell more than 200 million copies, and the book offers us a reminder that sometimes our best work comes as a result of applying constraints. Finally, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! is just a great story and one that should be read and re-read regardless of age and be shared with others.”

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Link to “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

Adrian Swinscoe
Advisor & Author, Punk CX

The Rise of the Machine Customer

“If you’re not an avid reader, this CX recommendation is for you! But if you are, don’t worry; this video has subtitles…

In this video, I chat about the rise and adoption of the ‘Machine Customer’. This really changes EVERYTHING. We are going to have to make a profound paradigm shift to accommodate Machine Customers – but it just could be the best thing to happen to businesses and customers in an extremely long time.

The machines are here, and they are taking over CX. 

So grab a cuppa and a mince pie and learn more about the rise of the machine customer!”

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James Dodkins
Customer Experience Rockstar

The 2022-23 UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide

“The UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide” surveys hundreds of businesses and thousands of customers to understand what’s driving CX. When writing this, I was particularly interested to see the difference between what customers want when contacting a business and what businesses think that they want.”

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Steve Morrell
Managing Director, ContactBabel

Optimising Contact Centre Performance Through Employee Engagement

“Every conversation counts, whether it’s with your employee or your customer. But being able to listen to and learn from those conversations has become increasingly difficult for QA and business leaders against a deluge of manual processes, overwhelming tickets and growing customer demands.  

In EvaluAgent’s latest research initiative, we surveyed over 300 agents and managers based in the UK to better understand the behaviours and strategic priorities for the year ahead. With some head-turning stats and actionable insights that will empower agents, streamline QA and deliver outstanding CX, I’d highly recommend getting stuck into this report over this Christmas break!”

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James Marscheider
CCO, EvaluAgent

Extraordinary: How to lead a bigger, braver more meaningful life

“I would like to recommend ‘Extraordinary: How to lead a bigger, braver, more meaningful life’, by Elke Edwards.

This should be an essential book for any professional; if you want to make a few improvements or make a complete transformation, this book will provide you with a toolkit of ideas to start being the best possible version of you.”

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Phil Anderson
Director, The Forum

Why you need a bigger budget for customer service in 2023

“With other costs increasing across your organisation, how do you convince other areas that you need a bigger customer service budget for 2023? Not just to deal with a short-term spike in demand but to improve your long-term customer service strategy? I’d highly recommend having a read of our top tips and insights to help you plan for 2023 and beyond.”

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Alberta Bosco – Director of Product Marketing, Puzzel

The Come Back Culture: 10 Business Practices That Create Lifelong Customers

“With the continued decline in consumer confidence and tightening of budgets, now more than ever, brands need to focus on customer loyalty. But here’s the thing: customer loyalty is hard to build and easy to lose.

Backed by plenty of on-the-ground research and illustrated with real-life examples, The Come Back Culture shows you how to create an experience that keeps people coming back for more. I would highly recommend this read!”

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Rachael Russell
Marketing Manager, Puzzel

Enjoy these tree-mendous CX reads, and have your elf a merry little Christmas!