In this report, five themes emerge encompassing the importance of changing perceptions internally and externally, establishing more robust ways to determine the impact of contact centre activity on customer outcomes and fostering strong values-driven leadership that motivates colleagues.

Download the report to discover the five themes that will drive contact centre strategy in 2022 (and beyond).

“We were able to establish a direct correlation between consumers having a conversation with someone in the contact centre and higher propensity to repeat purchase.”

Tracy Kellaway, Director of Consumer Care, Estee Lauder Companies

What’s in the report?

  • Recruiting people with soft skills as the job content becomes more complex
  • Reframing the contact centre externally – to attract people with the right competencies
  • Reframing the contact centre internally – to secure investment and collaboration
  • Giving team leaders the time to spend supporting their teams
  • Getting the hybrid model right and allowing learning through osmosis to happen.

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