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Your customers live in a hybrid world. It’s time your customer service caught up. 

Discover how your contact centre can deliver smart customer experiences in today’s digital-first, work-from-anywhere world! 

Join Puzzel and CX leaders from across the UK, Nordics and Europe at our annual customer service conference, Get Connected 2022. Running for over 7 years, Get Connected is a premier event for customer-centric businesses and contact centre professionals to get together, get inspired and learn new skills. 

You’ll hear from experts on: 

  • How to meet your customers’ needs – wherever they are!
  • Emerging technologies in the contact centre & customer service space 
  • Strategies for building high performance hybrid teams 
  • Driving revenue and customer loyalty in the contact centre 
  • Leveraging AI and automation – without losing the human touch 
  • Creating a sustainable service culture 
  • Best practices for securing your contact centre and protecting customer data 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your local Puzzel team and other organisations within your industry to share insights and benchmark your service.  

Get Connected is a free full-day conference and places are limited, so book your spot now! 


Martin Hill-Wilson

Director, Brainfood Consulting

Martin was CEO of one of the first BPOs and CX consultancies in the UK. He then spent a decade in the systems integration industry positioning the value of new technology and the associated change agenda. He is now in his tenth year as Brainfood Consulting, offering a mix of services.

Nerys Corfield

Director, Injection Consulting

Before setting up her consultancy Nerys spent almost 18 years in some of the UK’s most responsive outsourcers managing contact centre services for clients like Volkswagen, Vodafone, British Gas, the National Apprenticeship Service and Sky.

Stephen Yap

Director of Research, CCMA

Stephen is the Research Director for the Call Centre Management Association and also runs his own consultancy. At the CCMA, he delivers bespoke research on topics of interest to the contact centre sector. Prior to this, he spent almost 20 years with two blue-chip research firms: Kantar and Ipsos.

Phil Anderson

Director, The Forum

Joining The Forum in late 2010, Phil has grown through a number of roles which have all be focused on the design, delivery and development of best practice. Crucial to this role is speaking to our members to understand their challenges and areas of focus to ensure we can tailor our support and helping people to learn, share and ultimately transform.

Also speaking at the event

Jonathan Allan

CMO, Puzzel

Thomas Rødseth

CTO, Puzzel

Alex Lunde

Director Web Experiences, Puzzel

Alberta Bosco

Product Marketing Director, Puzzel

9.00 – 10.00

Registration and breakfast

10.00 – 10.20

New horizons: Get Connected in the Anywhere World

Join Puzzel CEO, Frederic Laziou, as he kicks off Puzzel’s first in-person Get Connected since 2019.

Frederic will be reflecting on the nationwide impact of the last few years and unveiling Puzzel’s plans to grow and challenge the CCaaS industry with a truly customer-centric approach.

Don’t miss out on his insights into the top tools and products to drive revenue and customer loyalty for your contact centre.

In this session, Frederic will cover:

• An introduction to the ‘Anywhere World’
• The state of the nation
• His reflections on the last few years and what’s to come
• How Puzzel is challenging the CCaaS industry

Frederic Laziou

CEO, Puzzel

10.20 – 11.00

Beyond digital first – Making your overall contact strategy work

This keynote encourages you to think beyond the current trend for ‘digital first’ engagement and develop a full contact strategy that optimises live assistance, self-service and proactive interaction. 

CCaaS now offers a new chapter of opportunity to orchestrate workflow, data and interaction: transforming the economics and quality of customer experience in the process. This multi-year journey to a new operating system requires a fresh mindset and more diverse competencies to make the most of what cloud solutions are now enabling. 

Martin will share his insights into current challenges and how the very best organisations are making rapid progress meeting a new generation of customer expectations. Be ready to walk away with new priorities!

Martin Hill-Wilson

Director, Brainfood Consulting

11.00 – 11.25

Supporting society through difficult times

Rewind to 2020, as Covid-19 spread across the world and businesses went into lockdown, Puzzel partnered with the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) to study the pandemic’s impact on contact centre operations, service levels and staff. The research programme, comprised of six waves, brought together a panel of senior contact centre leaders from a broad range of sectors to examine their experiences and identify key trends for the future.

Fast forward to today, our latest research, released in August 2022, explored the impact on customers, colleagues and organisations of rising inflation and growing financial constraints. In this talk, Stephen Yap, Research Director at the CCMA, will share the latest findings in Part 6, Evolution of the Contact Centre, including:

• The increase in contact volumes as customers seek support and reassurance
• The importance of assisted channels, as customers feel an urgency and seek certainty
• How emotional intelligence and well-being should still remain top of the leadership agenda
• Top-tips for supporting your society, and your team through difficult times

Stephen Yap

Research Director, CCMA

11.25 – 11.45


11.45 – 12.10

How to make customer service a competitive advantage

With the continued decline in consumer confidence and tightening of budgets, now more than ever, brands need to focus on customer loyalty But here’s the thing: customer loyalty is hard to build and easy to lose.

So, how do you ensure your contact centre can step up for every micro-moment when there are so many channels, so many customers, and so many moments?

In this session, Alberta Bosco will share her top tips on how to implement a self-service strategy that benefits both the customer and the agent. You’ll learn:

How to start a transformational journey towards automation and greater connectivity across the whole customer journey.
Self-service strategy implementation success stories.
Insights from agents who use Puzzel daily and how they changed their approach to customers, with more empathy and enthusiasm.
Product developments and what an agent’s life will look like with Puzzel in the near future.
What’s changing for contact centre managers plus tips for helping agents become customer experience warriors.
What’s next for customer service and how trends like virtual showrooms and augmented reality will change the game.

Alberta Bosco

Product Marketing Director, Puzzel

12.10 – 12.45

Building a digital-first contact centre, live

In this session, you’ll learn how to build a digital-first contact centre solution all in one single solution. We’ll demonstrate, live from both the Agent and customer view, how you can deliver digital-first customer journeys with a live and self-service experience.

We’ll start by showing our sleek and fully customisable Agent Application, we’ll then journey deeper into the engine room – our Administration Portal – where you’ll see how contact centre managers can use real-time monitoring and detailed statistics to make critical service changes on demand, followed by our flag-ship MS Teams integration.

Our new contextual conversational AI chat bot will demonstrate how it can assist in both sales and customer service 24/7 and at scale. Once passed over to an agent, we’ll showcase how with Puzzel Live Share, you can video call your customers and share screens to deliver that ‘in-person’ experience from anywhere.

Finally, we’ll share other Puzzel tools and features to enable you to support your teams and boost productivity in the Anywhere World.

Jeremy Greenwood

Senior Sales Engineer, Puzzel

James Henderson

Sales Engineer, Puzzel

12.45 – 13.45

Lunch & Network hall

13.45 – 14.10

Best practice colleague, customer and commercial planning

Workforce management has become a key strategic function in the post-pandemic world. How will you plan for new ways of working and shape the future for your organisation?

This fast-paced interactive workshop will feature thought leadership, case study examples and practical takeaways. Just bring a good notebook and an open mind.

Part 1: Planning for people and new ways of working

How to thrive in the new hybrid world
Balancing the needs of your people alongside customers and budget constraints
Eight key considerations for any workforce strategy
What innovation looks like in scheduling with case study examples from the 2022 Innovation Awards

Part 2: Shaping the future with new skills and scenarios

Why what worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow and how you don’t need to treat every problem as a new problem
Tips for gaining confidence in uncertain times
How to make the complex simple, using tried and tested models to help reframe your thinking

Phil Anderson

Director, The Forum

14.10 – 14.40

How a connected vision will support your transformation goals: The Unexpected joy of working closely with IT

Did you know that 70% of digital transformation efforts fail? This keynote will highlight how to avoid the pitfalls of transformation failure and shoot for success.

With customer service experience still a galaxy away from the much revered North Star, Nerys will dig into her hypothesis on what you can do to stop gazing and start purposefully moving.

Nerys’ practical and candid perspective will leave you with a determination to review your current disciplines, to connect the silos and galvanise a team to willingly and consciously embrace change, leaving your legacy in a black hole.

In this session, Nerys Corfield will cover:

The status of Digital Transformation
How the luddites in your business are resisting change covertly
The ingredients to define a winning change team
The key steps for defining a successful Customer Service Transformation Vision
The disciplines needed to stridently drive towards the vision and break down barriers as the process evolves

Nerys Corfield

Director, Injection Consulting

14.40 – 15.00


15.00 – 15.30

People still buy from people – even in the Anywhere World

You don’t want to miss this keynote hosted by Thomas Rødseth, Puzzel CTO. He’ll be talking about market trends and how they influence Puzzel’s Product Vision. Most importantly, Thomas will demonstrate how this supports the critical changes contact centre leaders need to make to succeed in the Anywhere World. 

Almost every annual report released by major brands in recent years has set out improving digital customer dialogue as a key ambition. At the same time, survey data from a variety of markets shows a mixed reception of some early attempts to provide digital services. Thomas will share his perspective on this crucial balance between customer and agent satisfaction, journey automation, empathy and efficiency. 

In this session, Thomas Rødseth will ask: 

How can a more diversified approach serve different demographics and use cases? 
How can you drive your strategic digital agenda while maintaining the empathy that many customers and certain situations demand?
How can you avoid losing focus on your employees and the core contact centre practices essential for engagement, efficiency and meeting business goals? 

Thomas Rødseth

CTO, Puzzel

15.30 – 16.00

Why Digital Engagement is crucial for contact centres and how it actually works

Today almost all customer journeys start online. New ‘easy-access 24/7 digital channels’ such as chatbots and offline messaging mean customer expectations of your availability and service are at an all-time high. So, how do you turn growing contact requests into an advantage without increasing headcount and costs? Do you have the right tools to engage and support customers on your website as online sales become a main source of revenue?

In this session, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Puzzel Digital Engagement, including:

How to save time and money by letting chatbots prepare dialogues for live agents and take care of customer FAQs.
How to increase first-time resolution, customer satisfaction and revenue by automatically offering proactive help on the most efficient channel at the right moment.
Why Digital Engagement is much simpler than you thought and how it delivers fast ROI.

Alex Lunde

Director of Web Experiences, Puzzel

16.00 – 16.10

Raffle winners and final speeches

Sundeep Boughan

Director of Sales Engineering, Puzzel

Jonathan Allan

Chief Marketing Officer, Puzzel


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