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Get Connected 2019

Event Closed: Welcome to the Hybrid Workforce – Humans and Technology Working Together

Join fellow customer experience professionals at Get Connected 2019.  Puzzel’s annual event attracts over 150 contact centre and customer service practitioners and the focus this year is on the hybrid workforce where technology and humans work together.

As customers and employees span different generations, engagement and dialogues take on a greater role at an individual level.  For contact centres this means offering new ways of working and creates a new type of employee.

We will also consider the potential impact of replacing humans and technology across channels and how agents will welcome technology that presents them with the right information at the right time to help them do their job.

This is your opportunity to Get Connected with a hybrid workforce where technology and humans work seamlessly together to meet both customer and employee demands.

Get Connected is a free half-day conference and places are limited so book your place now!

Guest speakers

James Dodkins 

Customer Experience Rockstar, Rockstar CX

James used to be an actual, real life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He played guitar in a heavy metal band, released albums and tore up stages all over the world, James uses this unique experience to energize, empower and inspire his clients and their teams as a ‘Customer Experience Rockstar’. Not only is he an international keynote speaker,#1 Best Selling author and host of Amazon Prime’s ‘This Week In CX’, James is one of the world’s top customer experience influencers and content creators.

Ziba Goddard 

Head of Core Consulting, Cowry Consulting

Following an undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Ziba was drawn to business and spent time working in organisational effectiveness at Bank of New York Mellon.

Ziba is currently Head of Core Consulting at Cowry Consulting and uses the latest thinking in Behavioural Economics, psychology and ‘nudge’ theory to deliver award-winning programmes for clients such as Tesco, Sky and Aegon.

Marije Gould 

VP of Marketing EMEA, Verint

Marije Gould is the VP of Marketing, EMEA at Verint Systems. Marije joined the company in July 2012 to lead the EMEA marketing team with a focus on four key areas: demand generation, customer marketing, partner marketing and brand awareness. She brings 20 years international B2B marketing experience to the role. Prior to joining Verint Systems, Marije was global VP of marketing at Tandberg Data. Marije lives in the UK, and has an MA in Management and Organisation from Radboud University in the Netherlands.

Rob Smith

Director, Mobfit

Rob is passionate about human movement and educating clients how to stay active in the workplace. Previously he ran a financial markets search firm, helping companies build global teams of traders and brokers,before pursuing his passion for health and fitness. Rob’s fitness goals are constantly changing and he uses himself as a guinea pig for all different methods of training. He has competed in boxing, completed triathlons and ultra marathons, trained in mixed martial arts, and is currently learning gymnastics! He is a Level 3 Qualified PT & Fitness Instructor and has spoken to audiences at Google, Deloitte & GSK.

Also speaking at the event

Mashud Ahmed

Innovation Manager, Puzzel

Thomas Rødseth

CTO, Puzzel


Arrivals & Registration


Welcome note

Andy Mcdonald

Sales Director UK & Ireland | Puzzel


Using Behavioural Science to Supercharge your Customer Experience

The increased focus on technological innovation in CX has meant that we are losing the human touch. Cowry will show how combining technological innovation with psychological innovation can lead to transformational results.

Ziba Goddard

Head of Core Consulting, Cowry Consulting


Rules For Rockstars

Customer experience rockstar and host of Amazon Prime’s “This Week in CX”, James Dodkins will share stories, ideas, frameworks and mindsets to guarantee that you turn your customer experience up to 11.

James Dodkins

Customer Experience Rockstar, Rockstar CX


Coffee Break


Engagement in the Always-on Era: How humans and technology work hand-in-hand to meet rising expectations

Presentation of the results from a new large-scale study – Engagement in the Always-on Era: How humans and technology work hand-in-hand to meet rising expectation.

Changing behaviours and digital natives are transforming the future workplace, attitudes towards automation and what employees expect of their employers. Marije will share her thoughts on the impact of the “always-on” era on the future generation of customers and employees.

Marije Gould

VP of Marketing EMEA, Verint


Wellbeing Strategy for your Contact Centre

With an impressive background in client consulting, Mark and Rob will discuss how best to build a well-being strategy that is engaging and effective. They will discuss the key ingredients that all contact centres should consider. Including:

• The importance of finding out what your people need as well as want and why convenience plays such an important role.
• Engaging content, why it matters and how to provide it.
• Accidental Support Groups – what they are and how they’ve proved such a hit with their clients.

Rob Smith

Director, Mobfit

Mark Briant

Co-founder, Mobfit


Level-up with Hybrid Workforce!

With an increased focus on self-service capabilities, the issues being managed by agents become more and more complex. However, expectations on quality and agent efficiency remain as high as ever. As a result managers are struggling with increased training demand. Puzzel’s latest development focuses on helping agents and managers with these challenges by bringing information into one unified agent application that can integrate different applications and information sources. You will see a live demonstration of how Puzzel’s Agent Assist, using AI, can augment agents with instant access to information from other enterprise applications such as Chatbots, Knowledgebase and previous customer interactions.

Thomas Rødseth

CTO, Puzzel

Mashud Ahmed

Innovation Manager, Puzzel


Networking & Lunch


Our globally accessible cloud platform empowers organisations to take payments securely without bringing their environments into scope of PCI DSS and other relevant data security rules and regulations.

With the entire product portfolio served from PCI Pal’s cloud environment, integrations with existing telephony, payment and desktop environments is simple and light-touch, ensuring no degradation of service while achieving security and compliance.


Our work flow system for email handling in customer service, integrated with the Puzzel contact centre solution, leverages text recognition to analyze all incoming emails to propose answers, assign case numbers, and automatically assign them to the correct queues or agents. With our system, you will never lose track of your customer email interactions, and we make sure they are always handled consistently. Cention brings email handling in contact centres into the 21st century.

Boost AI

No matter what your organization does, today’s customers demand constant availability and access to instant solutions. At boost.ai we use our world-leading Conversational AI to power virtual agents that help companies automate high volumes of chat traffic. Unlike traditional chatbots that only attempt to match questions with probable answers, a virtual agent powered by conversational AI has the power to truly understand your customers, and turn each interaction into a positive experience that resonates long after the chat window closes.


Rockstar CX founder, James Dodkins, used to be an actual, real-life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He toured the world in a heavy metal band, releasing albums and tearing up stages. Today he does things a little differently. He still travels all over the world but now he helps companies deliver ‘Rockstar Customer Experiences’.

Sales Screen

The success of every company is a result of their combined talent. Even the leading products and services fall short if the people behind can’t perform at their very best. That is why we created SalesScreen. A tool that makes every employee utilize their talent and perform at the top of their potential. We make the process of selling into a team effort, combining individual motivational instruments with cultural aspects and a winning mentality. In short, we have transformed the challenging work of sales into a professional, motivating and exciting game. A game where all your employees will have fun whilst competing amongst each other for the top-position! In short; We build stronger and more productive organizations all around the world by helping teams to set goals, measure progress and celebrate achievements in real-time.