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Who’s who: Wendy Wood, Project Manager

“I absolutely love doing what I do.”

Welcome to our Who’s Who series, where we introduce you to the wonderful people who work at Puzzel and explore their roles, achievements and impact. From chess players to trained chefs, globetrotters and code geeks, our diverse team is full of talent and expertise worth sharing.

Wendy Wood is a Project Manager, globetrotter, animal lover and a World War Two Veterans community member. She joined Puzzel in 2019 and is responsible for project delivery from initiation through to the handover to support.

Q. Tell us, what does your role at Puzzel entail?

A: I am a Project Manager here at Puzzel and have been here for over a year and a half. I work within customer enablement, working closely with all our customers globally but primarily across the UK and the Nordics. However, I do have some US customers and a customer in Mexico. I am responsible for project delivery from initiation through to the handover to support. Each day I work with a fantastic team of Puzzelers, and I love doing what I do.

Q. How long does a normal customer project last for?

A: It depends on the project’s size and complexity, but typically the average is around 11 weeks.

Q. What’s your favourite part about being a Project Manager?

A: The teamwork! From the start of a project, we align a team and work together to the end of the project. Everyone in the team is always so enthusiastic and committed to delivering the solution for the customer. Go Live day is always exciting, but there are always some nerves as we can never plan for the unknown! Most Go Lives go smoothly, and it is always very rewarding for the team if the customer expresses their feedback in writing.

Q. Are you always on site for Go Lives?

A: Not always. Many customers are used to remote working now, so they often opt to do it remotely. I would say I prefer in-person Go Lives, as you get to meet the customer face to face. If we are on site, we can also see for ourselves how well the agents are handling the new system, and a trainer and a solution architect are sometimes onsite if the customer requires it so that they can provide that extra level of support and comfort for the contact centre.

Q. Is there a clear theme in what contact centres are looking to achieve with their contact centre solution?

A: Yes, and there’s a lot more focus these days on digital channels such as social media. Everything is automated nowadays, and we do see a lot of requirements to help with agent experience and ensure they have the tools to drive efficiency and use AI to manage simple and repetitive requests – allowing the agents to focus on the most critical interactions. The customer journey also has a high focus to ensure their interaction is also speedy and efficient.

Q: What’s your proudest achievement at Puzzel so far?

A: I think the implementation of one of our customer’s contact centre via Matrix 247, simply because it was such a large and exciting project! They were using a lot of products and coming from an old legacy system that was not providing what they needed as a business. The customer service team were very excited about the implementation of Puzzel. Considering the scope and size of the project, it was also great that we could deliver it within eleven weeks. There were quite a few of us involved – it was a perfect example of teamwork, tenacity, and dedication. Go Live went superbly, and we had the Puzzel team on site. The customer was delighted. Moments like that are special and why I love my job. I remember driving home from Liverpool on a high that day!

Q. How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

A: It’s down to Puzzel. I have struggled with a healthy balance between work and my personal life at previous companies. A healthy balanced life is very important to me, and the ethos of Puzzel is very much aligned with that value. The Nordic culture of Puzzel prioritises health, happiness, and balance. It’s why the Scandinavian countries are voted among the happiest in the world. I think that mindset and way of living comes through in how Puzzel leads as a business. I’ve been working in this industry for approximately 30 years now, and I am proud to say that I am finally working for a company that fully embraces and recognises a work-life balance.

Q. What are your hobbies outside of work?

One of the main things I do outside work is work with a World War Two Veterans charity called Project 71. We have 26 veterans, many of whom are on the South Coast. We take them for days out, take them out for lunches, and celebrate their birthdays and festive holidays. In July, one of our veterans is 102, and we have arranged a special party for him!

We went to Normandy in May for five days and took six of our veterans. Trips like those are pretty special because it allows them the opportunity to pay respect to their fallen comrades. They’re amazing people, and I feel blessed to have heard their stories and to spend time with them.

I also have a very energetic English Springer Spaniel, he’s two years old, and I love taking him on long walks, especially in the woods. I love experiencing new things, so when I can, I love to travel – I recently came back from France, which was beautiful. About five years ago, we created a bucket list, so we’re now working our way through the list!

Q. How would you describe the culture at Puzzel?

I can honestly say I’ve never worked anywhere with such a positive can-do attitude. Everyone’s so helpful and kind and such lovely genuine people. It’s refreshing to see this in an organisation and that we haven’t lost sight of this as we’ve grown. You can guarantee that if you ask someone for help, you’ll get it. Our work ethic is pretty incredible.

Q. What inspires you?

Health, happiness, and gratitude. Certain times in your life really do humble you, especially what we’ve been through with COVID. No one who truly achieves success does so without gratitude. And I like to think that gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. However, when I think of inspirational people, I feel inspired by our WW2 veterans. Their bravery and courage in the face of adversity truly inspires me. 

At Puzzel, your ideas are encouraged, and your opinions matter. If you think you’d be a great fit for our team, get in touch today!

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