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Powering the evolution of the contact centre with Vergic

Puzzel has acquired leading digital engagement platform, Vergic..

Big changes are happening in the contact centre — and here at Puzzel, too!

Over the last 18 months, the contact centre has evolved from a customer service channel into a multifunctional business unit.

It has become the face of businesses, connecting with customers across multiple digital and voice channels, delivering reactive and proactive communications, and supporting everything from marketing to sales, billing and support.

In short: the contact centre is no longer just a cost centre, but has become an active driver of loyalty, revenue and value for businesses. At Puzzel, we believe it is becoming an experience centre.

So what does that mean for you? And for Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) providers like us?

A new role for CCaaS

Puzzel is continuously looking for ways to enhance our platform and support contact centres as they evolve and take on new responsibilities.

For 20 years, we’ve been engineering solutions and developing tools to help businesses solve their customer interactions. But now we want to go even further: powering the future of commerce with smart experiences.

What does that mean? We want to empower businesses to deliver outstanding digital experiences from anywhere, at any time, with empathy and personalisation. We want to enable your teams to:

  • Capture consumers’ behaviour and anticipate their needs
  • Deliver intuitive and intelligent self-service
  • Enable ‘value enhancement’ through highly tailored, proactive communications that help customers to realise the full value and utility of their product or service.

Introducing Vergic

To accelerate this journey, today we’re very excited to announce that we’ve acquired leading digital engagement platform, Vergic.

Since its foundation in 2007, Vergic has built an impressive digital engagement solution spanning responsive in-browser customer behaviour monitoring, advanced chatbots and integrated video and co-browsing.

These tools are designed to help marketing, sales and customer service teams — across all industries — deliver more personalised and engaging digital experiences. Right now, Vergic’s technology is used by leading organisations in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States, including the watch maker, Citizen, travel agent, Xanterra Travel, and homeware retailer, Clas Ohlson.

The future of the contact centre

In the post-pandemic world, these are the tools and capabilities we believe contact centres will need as physical and virtual worlds converge and customers demand smarter experiences.

By integrating Vergic’s digital engagement technology into the Puzzel Customer Service Platform, we can support your contact centre as it becomes a multi-functional experience centre for your business.

Already we have seen strong demand for our Live Share and Screen Share features released earlier this year, which have enabled contact centres to deliver personalised visual support, from anywhere, at a time when most customers have felt disconnected from brands.

Puzzel CEO Frederic Laziou says: “Customers are demanding smarter experiences. And we believe that businesses that do not take steps to automate, innovate, and provide empathy when it really matters will be left behind”.

Supporting customer choice

Of course, we recognise that our open platform and partner ecosystem are key benefits of Puzzel.

The Puzzel Marketplace provides our customers with the ability to build a bespoke contact centre solution that supports their unique needs and workflows. As such, we expect to continue our partnerships with third-party customer engagement suppliers and supporting customer choice.

Puzzel has now made three acquisitions in as many years. We acquired Logicalware in December 2019 and workforce management solution U-WFM in April last year, bringing advanced ticketing and WFM into our cloud platform.

Now we’re delighted to welcome Vergic into the team, and together embark on our new journey to power the future of commerce with smart experiences.

Welcome to Puzzel, Vergic!

Discover more about Vergic in our press release and on our website.

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