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A message to our customers from CEO Frederic Laziou

Puzzel CEO Frederic Laziou is passionate about working with businesses to deliver true customer-first solutions that solve problems, deliver value and drive success. Here he outlines his vision for Puzzel and promise to you.

Dear customers and partners,

Today is a very proud day for me. Today I write to you as the new CEO of Puzzel and as a new champion for our brand, team and customers. I am looking forward to getting to know you and working closely with your team to create exceptional customer service and experiences.

So who am I, what is my expectation for Puzzel, and what is my promise to you?Let’s start with the basics…

I am 42, happily married and Dad to three wonderful boys aged 10, 12 and 14. I am a proud European, born and raised in France, educated in the United Kingdom, and now living in Sweden after a short stop in Germany.

I am an avid sportsman who grew up playing golf and competed in the Junior French Championship at just 12 years old. My handicap has sadly slipped a bit since then, but I am loving playing caddie for my boys. I also enjoy windsurfing and competing in triathlons – two hobbies that lure me back to the beautiful waters of the south of France each year.

My greatest passion, however, is technology. I have worked in the technology industry for over 20 years now and am still amazed by its ability to create new possibilities for people, businesses and governments every day. I have worked for a number of international companies, including 24 Solutions, Capgemini and Altran, although my most recent role was as CEO for Tacton, a Swedish software vendor that played a defining role in the birth of CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote software.So what draws me to Puzzel?

I can give you three great reasons:

1. CX is one of the most exciting tech spaces

2020 was a challenging year for customer service and contact centres. But it was also a catalyst for change, prompting more companies to digitise and invest in their customer journey, including customer service, against higher expectations from customers. With more business leaders and boards now waking up to the power of customer engagement, and the role that technology can play in powering great customer experiences, I believe CX is one of the most exciting spaces to be in right now.

2. Champion of the contact centre

Puzzel is the champion of contact centres in Europe. Since its inception in 2016, it has listened to its customers and built a proven Customer Service Platform that today continues to grow and challenge the Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) industry. The Puzzel brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability, usability and innovation.

3. Years of creativity and growth ahead

Just last year Puzzel expanded its platform with a new workforce management solution, established a new customer success function, broadened its partner network, invested in services and UX, and released a new set of solutions packages. Things move fast at Puzzel and the team is committed to delivering continuous innovation and to ensure technology can enable your customer strategy.Now what is my promise to you?

As CEO of Puzzel, I will ensure we remain the best partner for your business. We will continue challenging the CCaaS industry with innovative, value-driven solutions that can be tailored to your unique business needs. And we will continue investing in and partnering with you, our customers, because it is your success that will determine ours.

I wish you all a fantastic 2021 and hope to see you at Get Connected tomorrow!

Warmest regards,

Frederic Laziou

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