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Simply Business Contact Centre to benefit from U-WFM* Cloud Workforce Management

London, 27th June 2019:  U-WFM* has been selected by Simply Business to provide Workforce Management in the Cloud services for its Contact Centre in Northampton.

With over 580,000 customers, Simply Business is one of the UK’s biggest business insurance providers. Making it simple for small businesses, landlords and the self-employed to create tailored insurance policies, the fintech company has offices in London, Northampton, and a growing Boston office in the US.

Technology is a vital part of Simply Business’s success. Supported by full-service in-house data capabilities which optimise efficiency and streamline customers’ online experience, yet Simply Business recognises that some customers prefer to speak to someone over the phone regarding their insurance. That’s where over 200 skilled consultants based in Northampton come in.

U-WFM’s* flexible workforce management functionality will support Simply Business by providing automated task forecasting and scheduling for its entire Contact Centre workforce. The solution is scalable to meet the increasing volume of policies and subsequent contact into the company and deliver the optimal customer experience.

Daniel Cotton, Head of Operational Innovation at Simply Business says, “Our partnership with U-WFM* is symbolic of our ambition to create one of the UK’s most progressive Contact Centres. We believe our customers of small business owners deserve the best possible insurance experience online and through the Contact Centre – so anything which enables a simpler process, including handling customer interactions even more efficiently, is to be welcomed. Crucially, our consultants will benefit too from the added flexibility U-WFM* provide to our Operations – at an exciting time as we experiment our way to turning perceptions of what its like to work in a call centre on its head.”

U-WFM’s* CEO Matthew Hughes says, says, “As passionate technology companies, there is a lot of synergy between U-WFM* and Simply Business. One of the many advantages of U-WFM* is that it can quickly scale up so it’s great to partner with Simply Business during a sustained period of record growth.”

*Now WFM

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