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Webinar: Customer Service Trends 2022

The customer service industry is undergoing major changes and customers are placing higher demands than ever before.

Customer service has become an important competitive advantage, where digitalisation and new technology make it possible for companies to meet customers’ new expectations.
It has never been more difficult to make the right decisions about customer service now that development is moving fast in different strategic directions, and that makes it extremely important to follow developments and look to the future. What exactly are the latest trends in customer service? And what can you do to give your customers the best customer experience?
In this webinar, customer service expert Bjarte Lyssand (Customer Trends) and Puzzel’s CTO Thomas Rødseth discuss the most important trends in customer service. Learn what it takes to succeed with customer service and hear how you can utilise the technology in a smart way.

The webinar is in collaboration with Tekna.


Bjarte Lyssand

Customer Trends

Thomas Rødseth

CTO at Puzzel

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