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Transform your inbox chaos with Case Management excellence

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Are you tired of your contact centre agents drowning in a sea of daily emails? A typical contact centre mailbox cannot support the large volume of inflowing complex enquires. With 38% of contact centres still manually allocating emails to their agents, it’s no wonder that many customers often find themselves lost in long email threads, not getting the support they need and without any way to check the status of their inquiry.  

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional email clients that fail to allocate the right agent to each inquiry and struggle to integrate messages from various channels like SMS and social media. 

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Puzzel Case Management can make your agents’ life easier by enabling them to manage your customers’ messages (SMS and email) in one place whilst easily assigning messages to the right agent based on experience, knowledge and capacity.   

You’ll get to see Puzzel Case Management in action, learn how to automatically create a case from an inbound message and automate your workflows. We’ll guide you through our ChatGPT integration and show you some amazing use cases. To finish up, we’ll reveal our latest product features and upcoming Case Management roadmap! 

Join us as we unveil the ultimate solution to streamline your email management woes. You won’t want to miss it!