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Part 2: Evolution of the Contact Centre

Part 2: Evolution of the Contact Centre

Listen into this session to hear the outcomes of the second wave of in-depth research into the evolving contact centre.

Contact centres have witnessed an extraordinary period of transformation and innovation in the past six months. COVID-19 was the catalyst, but the advances are here to stay.

Having successfully addressed the operational changes needed to function during lockdown, contact centres now have their sights firmly set on the future.

The implications of recent months and the road ahead extend far beyond the shift to remote working. Organisations must respond to customers’ shifting expectations and behaviours. Accelerated automation will reshape the role of advisors. Contact centres will become a more aspirational place to work as the skills required of advisors becomes more sophisticated and they will be able to hire from a broader talent pool as physical location becomes less critical. Marketing, product and R+D teams are becoming increasingly engaged with the contact centre as they become more aware of the value that contact centres are as a source of customer insight.

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Part 2: Evolution of the Contact Centre