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No straps, wires or funky neckwear in sight.

Puzzel Softphone is a software-based telephony solution that enables agents to answer calls directly from their computer, without the need for external devices such as landlines or mobiles. It is fully integrated into Puzzel Voice, part of Puzzel’s contact centre solution which allows businesses to manage customer interactions efficiently. One of the latest additions to the Puzzel Voice portfolio, it harnesses the power of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology.

Sign up today for your 3 months free Softphone (including free setup). The offer is only eligible with a minimum 12 month contract of Puzzel’s Softphone solution.

Key benefits:

  • Greater flexibility for agents allowing them to be location independent
  • Superior sound quality to traditional handsets
  • Reduces hardware costs such as phone handsets
  • Integrates seamlessly into Puzzel’s Voice platform
  • Web-based infrastructure makes it easy to upgrade existing contact centre infrastructure


Key features:

  • Fast set-up times using a web browser, headset and active internet connection
  • Easily toggle between login with softphone or external phone
  • Answer calls to the softphone manually or with auto answer
  • WebRTC technology for real-time communications at any time using any device


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