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NL – Increase sales by taking control of the customer journey

Get better conversion by proactively supporting and engaging online customers.

better conversion rates
decrease in cart abandons
increase in order value
The challenge

Brands are losing major sales by ignoring customers online

Businesses spend millions on beautifully designed websites and eye-catching advertising aimed at driving customers to their online stores. But they’re not doing nearly enough to support and engage those customers once they get there. Customers can’t find the help they need and 3 out of 4 carts are abandoned. 

Would that be acceptable in a physical store? 

With Puzzel Digital Engagement, you can automatically and proactively support customers and visitors  so they don’t leave without making a purchase.  Reach out a helping hand, or an offer, at just the right moment to keep customers on your site and shopping or to convince them to sign up.

The impact of Puzzel Digital Engagement on your business

Increase your conversion rate by 35%

Taking control of the customer journey by engaging with the right customer, at the right moment in the right way (live agent, Smart Chatbot or discount) has proven to increase conversion by 35%.

Conversion rates increased from 3% to 24% during A/B testing when proactive trigger-based support was active!

Decrease cart abandon rates by 5x

Too many customers leave their cart without completing the purchase.

Proactively engage with customers who are about to abandon their cart at checkout and help them complete their purchase. Quickly identify the most important customers and automatically assist them with a Live chat, Smart Chatbots or discount banners depending on your available resources.

And to support high value purchases, empower your sales staff to video call and co-browse with customers in real-time or to schedule a meeting.

On average, our customers see 5x fewer cart abandons!

Increase average order value by 30%

Offering proactive and personalised support at the right moment keeps visitors and customers on your website continuing to shop. Just as they would in a physical store, customers are more likely to stay longer and buy more if they get the right help when they need it.

Puzzel Digital Engagement monitors every visitor’s behaviour. If, for example, a customer is spending too much time on a page without any action, a Smart Chatbot or live agent will proactively offer targeted support.

On average, our customers see a 30% increase in order value!

Trusted by award-winning businesses 

Goal: Increase conversion rate by offering assistance to customers who are about to drop out of the checkout process.

Solution: Using these four Digital Engagement rules to trigger proactive chat support:

1. Customers leaving checkout
2. Form errors on payment
3. A chart value above
4. Inactivity more than 60 seconds

Result: Checkout conversion rate increased from 3% to 24% when proactive support was offered.

International furniture store

We can now provide accurate and personalised service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million loyalty members who choose to use digital channels.

“With a 26% increase in conversion, email reduction of 40% and a 70% reduced handling time thanks to the chatbot which pre-processes dialogues before handing over to a human agent, we are more than happy. We can now provide accurate personalised service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million loyalty members who choose to use digital channels.

Chérie Dahlin Customer Service Manager at Granngården

Goal: Increase conversion rate in online store and utilise proactive chat as a more efficient service channel

Solution: Enabling proactive chat with advanced features such as co-browsing and video.

Result: 21% increase in total conversion, 85% first-time resolution, 3x more efficient thanks to parallel handling of chats and 50% fewer incoming emails

International fashion retail brand

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