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White paper

UK Local government data sheet

Over the last few years, local government organisations have been delivering more services than ever before, playing a larger and more crucial role in people’s lives. And yet, while world leaders have announced an end to the world emergency, the role of local government is unlikely to return to its pre-pandemic state.

This puts increased pressure on citizen service leaders in local government as they are facing a unique set of challenges driven by a multitude of factors, such as financial constraints, changing demographics and ever-increasing demands for services, all the while operating within a complex governmental framework.

We at Puzzel see a significant opportunity for citizen service leaders in local government to see these challenges as an opportunity to transform the way citizen services are delivered, elevating their organisations as well as the citizen experience.

This data sheet explores these challenges and provides insights into how local government organisations can deliver effective citizen service in this dynamic and ever-changing environment.

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