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White paper

Being Ready – Your 2021 CX Service Strategy planning guide

The coronavirus pandemic has elevated the role of the contact centre and redefined its value, both for customers and organisational leaders.

Everyone involved has had to embrace huge change over a short period of time – from home working to digital-first engagement – all within the demands of budgets cuts and increased expectations from customers. Few imagine the near-term future will resemble pre-COVID operating models.

However, an uncertain outlook does not mean service leaders and teams can continue to rely on the slipstream created during the initial momentum of the pandemic. Agile execution comes from an aligned view of priorities.

In today’s fast-changing world, priorities need regular review and engaging ways of sharing them with the many teams who power operational customer experience.

This is the reason Puzzel has teamed with industry innovator Martin Hill-Wilson to bring you a practical and fun way of planning your CX service strategy for 2021.

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