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Press Release

Puzzel introduces new and enhanced web-chat and outbound dialling functionality to its multi-channel cloud contact centre solution

Puzzel AS (formerly Intelecom’s contact centre entity) today announced the latest release of its multi-channel cloud-based contact centre solution. The release sees the introduction of an entirely new Web Chat interface with a modern, minimalist layout that makes this channel of communication highly accessible and easier for both chatters and agents to use. In addition, enhanced outbound dialing features provide an integrated solution within Puzzel’s contact centre solution that improves the efficiency and management of blended inbound/outbound campaigns.

Thomas Rødseth, head of product and strategy at Puzzel AS commented, “According to research[i]Chat will become more widely used in the future for customer management. The majority of consumers who have used Chat to help them decide which products and services to buy online or to resolve customer service issues say they are satisfied with how their queries were handled. Industry commentators also estimate a 30% cost saving over voice calls. Always ahead of the curve, the latest version of the Puzzel platform responds directly to customer demand by offering an improved fully integrated chat solution that helps contact centre leaders maximise the potential of the channel and to future-proof their operations.”

In the same way that customers like real-time voice communication, others appreciate the written web-based immediacy of Chat. The latest enhancements to Puzzel’s contact centre solution improve the overall Chat experience for chatters with an enhanced layout that is easier to find, looks modern, and is flexible to adapt to website designs. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for organisations to purchase a separate Chat solution because it is 100% integrated with Puzzel’s contact centre application and central administrative platform; thus increasing agent productivity. Agents can comfortably handle as many as 8 chat enquires at the same time all within the same application. In addition, in-built skills based routing functionality within the solution directs chatters to the most qualified live agent to answer the enquiry.

Puzzel has also introduced a more efficient Dialler Outbound Campaign solution that enables incoming and outgoing calls to be blended together via a new interface in the administrative portal of the Puzzel platform.

Agents are now able to reschedule outbound calls easily which means that if a customer is unavailable to speak, they can be tagged and scheduled for a callback by the same agent at an alternative time. At the rescheduled time the original agent is alerted, or if not available, the next free agent with the right skills is presented with the callback. The superior technology of the Puzzel platform means that calls can be prioritised, for example, inbound calls to be handled first and the whole inbound/outbound campaign can be continuously updated in real-time.

Puzzel provides a complete, multi-channel cloud contact centre solution. Its rich functionality is available in modular form which means customers specify the tools that are right for their business. Puzzel’s cloud technology and open Web Services allow integration with third party applications. Its contact-centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) framework ensures customers achieve operational and cost efficiency on a pay-as-you-use basis which requires no capital investment or maintenance costs. Puzzel has over 16 years’ experience of providing cloud contact centre solutions.

[i] https://www.firstsource.com/uk/news/

The Firstsource Web Chat CARAVAN® Survey was conducted by telephone earlier this year through ORC International. Respondents consist of 1,018 adults, 18 years of age and older, living in the continental U.S.

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