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Press Release

Puzzel adds softphone capability to the latest release of its cloud-based contact centre solution

Puzzel AS (formerly Intelecom’s contact centre entity) has announced the latest release of its multi-channel cloud-based contact centre that includes a series of new features including WebRTC softphone capabilities. The latest version of Puzzel’s contact centre solution is part of the company’s ongoing product strategy to develop real-time innovative solutions that boost agent productivity and pave the way for next generation customer service.

Softphone from Puzzel enables agents to answer calls directly from their computer and removes the need to rely on external telecommunications devices such as landlines or mobiles. Agents simply log on using a headset plugged into a computer and use the Puzzel client in a Chrome web-browser to answer customer calls. Puzzel takes advantage of WebRTC, a technology that enables audio streaming between browser clients supported by the world’s leading vendors. WebRTC provides Internet browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) via simple application interfaces (APIs). Should there be interruptions in internet connectivity, agents using Puzzel can quickly switch between the headset and mobile or landline phones to maintain service levels.

Børge Astrup, CEO of Puzzel commented, “We constantly tap into far-sighted initiatives like WebRTC and the latest industry trends such as Web Chat to drive innovation across our solutions portfolio and meet the increasing demand for real-time communications. This gives our clients a set of flexible yet integrated tools that are designed to build resilience into their contact centre operations and empower agents to deliver consistently high levels of personalized, customer service at all times.”

Other highlights of the latest version of Puzzel include:

  • Chat Survey – following the popularity of other survey methods via Puzzel such as IVR survey and SMS survey, Chat Survey responds to the growing use of Web Chat. It increases customer engagement via this communication channel and elicits feedback quickly to establish agent training needs and make meaningful service improvements. Chatters are offered the opportunity to give their opinions directly after a Chat call.
  • Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – building on standard integrations with CRM solutions such as Saleforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics, Puzzel can now be linked seamlessly to Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM saving agents’ time switching between applications and therefore helping to boost productivity.
  • App for Agents – Puzzel’s existing app for administrators has been extended to include agents, making it even easier for them to log into the system from any device at any time.
  • Secure Single Sign-On – allows agents to log automatically and securely into Puzzel once they are logged-on a secure domain, removing the need to log-in to each application separately

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