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Press Release

Puzzel launches new AI-powered CCaaS packages calibrated for current trends in customer behaviour and a changing industry landscape

September 8th, 2022 – London: Puzzel, a leading European CCaaS innovator, has today unveiled new and enhanced product packages designed to deliver end-to-end buying and digital first customer service experiences. Having invested heavily in AI and automation over the last 18 months, Puzzel’s newly launched packages will give contact centres increased flexibility and choice while enabling seamless digital-first customer service and enhanced self-service opportunities. 

Puzzel’s new product packages will further support their recently upgraded suite of existing cloud-based Contact Centre packages and introduce a more straightforward, brand-wide approach to customer service that utilises AI-powered tools. Puzzel has expanded its platform with new channels and capabilities that will allow agents to deliver even more convenient, empathetic, and personalised customer service. 

With almost 90% of customer journeys now beginning online and advancements in AI and automation, Puzzel’s latest product developments reflect a growing demand for technology that can reduce the burden of routine tasks on contact centre agents. 

By making technology such as chatbots and digital engagement tools as well as features that support performance management and scheduling, Puzzel will help organisations optimise performance, reduce costs and increase sales, while meeting current customer behaviour trends and evolving expectations.

Alberta Bosco, Product Marketing Director at Puzzel comments: “The new packages have been created with specific use cases in mind. We know that there are a number of specific challenges organisations are facing and these packages provide solutions to their most common problems. 

The split between digital packages and more traditional contact centre packages gives customers the option to focus on one thing at the time, solving one problem completely before moving to the next. We know how hard it is to bring about change in any organisation. We believe that giving leaders the ability to make one change at a time will help them bring people being on board more easily and remove friction from the process.”

Made up of two packages – Discover and Embrace –Puzzel’s Digital First is for CCaaS teams looking to improve their channel management execution and customer satisfaction. These packages aim to deliver proactive and personalised self-service while reducing costs by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

Digital First will join Puzzel’s existing Contact Centre packages – Resolve, Impress and Power – which have been updated in line with the products and features customers want and need to use today. These packages give contact centres the flexibility to choose the right channel mix to support a wide range of customer service environments and evolving customer expectations. Resolve, Impress and Power, help support agents during live interactions. Power not only looks at supporting agents but managers too with tools such as performance management and agent scheduling. 

With this launch, Puzzel is committed to helping organisations grow through delivering exceptional experiences, connecting with customers on their favourite channels, building advanced AI-powered self-service opportunities as well as optimising their team’s performance to increase efficiency and sales.

Organisations have undergone considerable change due to evolving customer behaviours and digital transformation in recent years. Many have found that business-critical technologies and infrastructure, alongside outdated practices, have had to be reviewed as new ways of working are introduced. Puzzel’s new packages reflect the needs of these organisations and the expectations of their customers in today’s hybrid working world. 

You can find out more about Puzzel’s Packages at puzzel.com/packages    

About Puzzel

Puzzel is the leading European provider of cloud contact centre solutions. Every day, more than 1,100 organisations across 40 countries use our software to deliver smart customer experiences, blending the powers of people and technology to serve customers efficiently, effectively and with empathy. The Puzzel Platform enables organisations to create rich journeys for their customers, with a mix of live and self-service experiences that give people the freedom to choose when, where and how they get help. Artificial intelligence is harnessed at every touchpoint to automate tasks, provide insight, and personalise service and support. Puzzel also includes a suite of productivity and planning tools to empower managers and agents to reach their goals and continuously improve performance. With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Puzzel is the CCaaS provider organisations trust when every moment matters.

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