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Press Release

If establishes a completely cloud-based Nordic contact centre using a multi-channel solution from Puzzel

If, the largest insurance company in the Nordic and Baltic countries with 3.6 million customers, has chosen Puzzel (formerly Intelecom) to create Europe’s largest cloud-based contact centre with 3400 agents. Of If’s approximately 6,800 employees, half are customer service employees and form the hub of the insurance company.

Now, If will implement a state-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre from Puzzel.

“Puzzel’s comprehensive solution supports our endeavor to provide individuals and businesses with the absolute best and most modern customer service. We choose Puzzel because of the flexibility, quality and functionality provided by the solution,” said Kjell Rune Tveita, CIO and Head of Group Services at If.

Kjell Rune Tveita continued, “Our goal is to add as much value as possible by allowing our customers to contact us via different channels with all types of enquiries. We will manage and route all tasks through the contact centre solution so that each employee is assigned activities from one single system.”

The agreement represents the largest cloud-based contact centre business in the European market this year. The cloud-based solution for If’s customer contact centre includes; telephony, chat, Facebook, e-task (eg. email, assignments in CRM etc.) as well as SMS.

For Puzzel, the deal is one of the largest ever
“The fact that If chose us throughout the Nordic region proves that we have what it takes to help a large and advanced customer to build contact centre solutions across many geographic areas. We see that more and more companies want international contact centres with a unified solution across several countries, and with our cloud-based offering we have the modern solution that the market demands. We are, of course, very proud and happy about the trust If has placed in us,” said Borge Astrup, CEO Puzzel.

Puzzel’s strategic agreement with If covers 3,400 agents in four countries; Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. As a result of the deal, Puzzel will establish a subsidiary in Finland, thus serving its other Finnish customers with a local presence.

The delivery of the contact centre solution will take place in Sweden this year to be followed by the other Nordic countries.

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