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Press Release

Puzzel delivers new chat bot solution to insurance company If

PressRelease if chat bot

The Nordic region’s largest insurance company, If, has adopted innovative artificial intelligence in combination with its existing solution from the contact center supplier Puzzel. The new agreement covers If’s contact centers in four countries.

Puzzel, a leading provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, offers, among other things, artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver complete and cost-effective solutions. One such solution the chat bot, Ruby. A chat bot is software that simulates human dialogue using artificial intelligence. Chat bots have been shown to positively strengthen customer contact.

The bot answers questions around the clock and is fast because it can handle multiple chat cases at the same time. More importantly, the use of chat bots allows employees to free up time to handle more complex cases where personal contact is important. Artificial intelligence (AI) is proven to be a clear success factor when it comes to customer experience (CX) and is an important ingredient in the mix of contact channels.

In the summer of 2017, If switched to a cloud contact center in the Nordics with the help of Puzzel. It became Europe’s largest cloud-based contact center with a total of 3,400 customer service employees and the state-of-the-art contact center became the hub of the insurance company’s services.

Kjell Rune Tveita, CIO and Head of Group Services at If, said: “We chose Puzzel because the chat bot solution from Boost.ai offers the ability to build advanced automated services. The solution is smooth and easy to implement, which is a good example of Puzzel’s flexible and innovative solutions. That is why we decided to collaborate with Puzzel from the beginning when we transferred our entire contact center to the cloud a couple of years ago. We could see that automated services are becoming increasingly popular with customers and our ambition is always to meet the customers where the customers want to be, no matter what channel they choose to communicate with us. The chat bot will be a great addition to our contact centers throughout the Nordic region, and thanks to the flexibility of Puzzel we can grow in the future and gain more customer and business value. ”

Gunnar Aasen, CCO, Puzzel AS continued: “Puzzel’s business strategy has always been to offer contact center solutions to customers by building partnerships with those who can offer the most innovative components. For the new solution with  If, Puzzel  is working with Boost.ai. From our previous experience we know that the insurance company is very innovative. Together we saw that the potential for AI is huge and it is exciting that we have now started one of our largest chat bot rollouts in the Nordic countries.”

Gunnar Aasen concluded: “Meeting the customer on the customer’s terms may sound like a cliché, but it has never been more true than now. When you are interested in a service or product, you do not want to wait. It should be easy to order and easy to understand. Virtual agents are quickly gaining in importance. Within about four weeks, a contact center can train its company-specific virtual agents so that they can answer the most frequent questions and explain even more complex things. The fact that the Nordic region’s largest insurance company is now building its service with Boost.ai as part of a Puzzel solution shows that AI has become an important success factor in keeping customers satisfied.”


Press contact: Mary Phillips/Andreina West
PR Artistry Limited
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E: mary@pra-ltd.co.uk

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