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Granngården Case study

Successful e-retailer maximises customer service and sales with Digital Engagement from Puzzel

Granngården is a leading e-retailer in Scandinavia, with an online store at granngarden.se, in addition to 112 physical stores located throughout Sweden. The company offers a range of home-related products and services and provides a wealth of inspiration to over 1.2 million members and customers. To meet the needs of its existing and growing online customer base, Granngården is now using Puzzel Digital Engagement. Today, Granngården supports 1.3 million customers and club members and has a total of 550 employees. We interviewed Chérie Dahlin, Head of Customer Service at Granngården, who shared her experiences of Digital Engagement.

Solution to handle increased contact volumes

Granngården began using Puzzel Digital Engagement* in autumn 2018. The company was experiencing increased demand for customer service following the launch of new online services. The aim was to reduce response times and offer customers new contact channels. “We saw a huge increase in our e-commerce business in 2018, after the introduction of our click and collect service, which proved extremely popular. In order to provide customers with more rapid assistance and thus reduce response times, Puzzel Digital Engagement with proactive chat was introduced as an additional communication channel in the third quarter of 2018,” says Chérie Dahlin.

Support when it matters most

With Puzzel Digital Engagement, Granngården can support customers when it matters most. Like many other e-commerce companies, Granngården struggles with the fact that countless customers add items to their shopping baskets and then leave the site without making a purchase. Granngården can now proactively provide support to make it as easy as possible for the customer to complete their order.

“We want to offer a better customer experience and maximise our potential by ensuring an improved interaction with online visitors, particularly in the final payment process, to avoid people abandoning their baskets at the checkout,” explains Chérie, who continues:

“We also offer chat as a priority channel on contact pages to avoid time-consuming emails. We can also see that when our chatbot prepares the dialogues for our live agents, the handling time is reduced by 70%.”

Efficiency and increased revenue

Since its implementation of proactive chat, Granngården has not only streamlined its customer service but also increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Offering proactive support to customers when they reach the digital checkout has increased conversion rates by 26%, which has led to a sizeable increase in sales. The number of incoming emails has been reduced by a massive 40%, which in turn has taken some of the pressure off customer service agents, allowing them to focus on their other important tasks.

“When we offered proactive support at the checkout, online sales increased by an impressive 26%. That is a huge difference compared to when support was not offered. Helping customers at the right moment helped to boost this important KPI,” says Chérie.

Granngården has observed that a number of cases have been solved at the point of first contact and that response times have fallen. At the same time as the customer experience has been improving, Granngården has also managed to reduce its handling times: “We have seen a positive trend of reduced response times and fewer customers abandoning their baskets. This could be measured throughout the period.”

Having introduced the proactive chat system, Chérie now sees new possibilities: “Customers prefer the chat function because it is efficient and because any number of problems can be solved at the point of first contact. All this has boosted confidence in proactive chat.” Chat is a channel that can easily help manage larger contact volumes: “We can now provide effective personal service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million club members who use this contact channel.” By replacing the email channel with chat, Granngården has reduced the number of incoming emails by 40%.

The results shown below in the analysis carried out by Granngården over a period of 8 months are impressive.

What Granngården had to say

We’ve seen an increase in conversion of 26%, email reduction of 40% and a 70% reduction in handling time thanks to the chatbot interaction before handing over to a human. We are more than happy. We can now provide accurate personal service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million loyal members who choose to use digital channels.” 

Chérie Dahlin Customer Service Manager at Granngården