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Puzzel’s Top 5 Articles of 2021

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As we begin a new year, we wanted to share some of your favourite articles from 2021.

2021 was a rollercoaster of lockdowns and reopenings. But through it all, your thirst for knowledge and the latest insights and trends from the contact centre world was insatiable. Check out our top five most-read blogs below.

1. Total Experience: The technology trend set to shake up customer service in 2021

At its annual IT Symposium in October 2020, Gartner declared Total Experience (TX) one of the top strategic technology trends to watch in 2021. So what is it and why was it especially important for contact centres in 2021?

2. Agent Experience: What it is and why it’s key to creating happier customers

Agent wellbeing became a top priority for contact centres in 2021, following the long and difficult lockdowns of 2020. To help business leaders navigate this time, we published a four-part blog series on Agent Experience (AX) exploring how to create happier and more motivating work environments for agents.

3. Video: The new channel for smarter customer experiences

Customer expectations changed dramatically in 2021. Tolerance for poor service diminished and demand for smarter, more personalised and empathetic digital experiences increased. That’s why we launched video and screen sharing in May 2021, giving businesses the ability to video chat and share web sessions with customers remotely.

4. Hybrid Working: The opportunities and obstacles for contact centres

The future of work will likely be hybrid, with more employees now wanting flexible working in the wake of the pandemic. In this blog, our CMO Jonathan Allan reflected on what this could mean for contact centres going forward.

5. CustomerTalk: Norwegian CCaaS provider Puzzel expands into Netherlands market

After announcing our expansion into the Netherlands in September, our CEO Frederic Laziou sat down with CustomerTalk to chat about Puzzel’s new mission and vision for the future.

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