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Scandic Hotel Case Study

Scandic hotel chain improves customer service with Puzzel’s cloud-based contact centre solution.


Hotels across Europe
Hotels in 7 countries
Team members

The requirement

Scandic has over 200 hotels in northern Europe. Originally hotels handled their own reservations. This meant there was no central information on customer bookings to manage transactions and operational costs across the hotels efficiently. Similarly there was no way to compare bookings, know how many calls were being made or whether business was being lost if a hotel was unable to take a reservation.

“The problem was we had no data from the individual hotels to review. We realised that we needed a better reservation system, as well as a way to capture call data to identify busy times and also give us an indication of changes in the market in general.”
Scandic Stockholm Reservations Desk

The solution

Recognising how important the first contact with a customer is, Scandic created a central reservation desk using Puzzel’s (formerly Intelecom) cloud-based contact centre solution, without having to invest in costly new equipment. Staff can use their original handsets and mobile phones to answer calls, regardless of their location.

The results

Today, all customer calls are handled through the central system enabling Scandic to provide an improved customer service with accurate call data to help with staffing to meet demand.

The Puzzel solution is easy for administrators to use – they can open and close accounts to meet business demand. Scandic managers can look at call data to evaluate the effectiveness of agents and call lengths. Call data and management reports have improved working methods and enabled planning of required resources.

Here’s what Scandic Hotel had to say

“With Puzzel’s contact centre solution, we have a much better insight into our business. We can see the total picture and allocate resources efficiently. We can also monitor calls and identify where we have gaps in staffing that might have an effect on service. It means we can constantly improve and respond to customers to provide the best service”.

Scandic Stockholm Reservations Desk