SMS Gateway

Interface for sending and receiving text messages over the internet

Puzzel’s SMS Gateway is an interface for sending and receiving text messages over the internet. This means that your company can integrate SMS solutions with your own systems easily using an SMS Gateway. Puzzel directly integrates with carriers and with several channels for distributing text messages to foreign recipients.

With Puzzel’s SMS Gateway you can:

  • Send and receive text messages with your system
  • Make mass distributions, with or without pre-setting a distribution time
  • Take SMS payments – to sell content, products and services. The end-user pays with carrier billing
  • Access your own customer portal for extracting statistics and logging services
  • Create a Dialogue/sub-number – to allow recipients to reply without a code word
  • Have a shared abbreviated number – the service is set up with one or more code words on one of our shared abbreviated numbers.
  • Have a separate abbreviated number – we are happy to run a separate four or five digit abbreviated number just for you. We take care of all connection/porting, while you are given access to setting up new services / code words.

Puzzel’s SMS Gateway enables you to send and receive SMS/MMS via different protocols:

  • SOAP
  • REST / HTTP(S) POST with JSON, XML or form data
  • SMTP (e-mail)
  • SMPP
  • TCP Socket / XML

Most of these interfaces allow you to send one or more messages simultaneously with different recipients, content and prices.

Click here for more information on integration, or visit our Github sites for complete libraries and detailed documentation.