Digital Engagement 

Keep online visitors happy and make your agents more productive by mastering the online customer journey

Connected experiences for the digital world

Did you know 90% of customer journeys begin online? Your organisation needs to deliver compelling services and buying experiences across all your channels to keep customers engaged till the end.

Luckily, Puzzel Digital Engagement is here to help you understand the customer journey, increase agent productivity, and provide you with personalised support in real time.

The real impact of Puzzel Digital Engagement

cost reduction per service request
of cases resolved at first contact
fewer incoming emails
better conversion rates
decrease in cart abandons
increase in order value

+ increased customer satisfaction by meeting expectations on availability in a work-from-anywhere-world

About Puzzel Digital Engagement 

How does Digital Engagement work?

Most organisations treat digital customers in the same disconnected way leading to poor customer experience as well as affecting agent productivity.

Once you understand your customer’s journey you can create a personalised contextual experience to help them move through the process via a proactive omni-channel experience including Smart Chatbot.

With Puzzel Digital Engagement you have full control over your channels in real time. Based on your customer’s intent and context together with your service availability you can direct them down the service path best suited for them.

Puzzel Digital Engagement lets you proactively connect with the visitor’s digital journey to improve customer experience as well as service and sales productivity.

Manage contact volumes

Manage your contact volumes better with a proactive omnichannel customer service strategy.

When you understand a customer’s digital journey you can proactively guide them to the most efficient channel, including Smart Bot and at the same time stay in line with your organisational priorities.

Connecting with your customers at the right time, in their journey will improve customer experience and increase service productivity as well as digital sales conversion rates.

Automation and Self-Service with Puzzel Smart Chatbot

Chatbot solutions today are often ‘stand-alone solutions’, mostly answering FAQs, without connection to a visitor’s digital context and with poor integration to the service processes in the contact centre.

Let us introduce Puzzel’s Smart Chatbot, this isn’t just a chatbot this is a SMART chatbot. It’s proactive and uses contextual information to better support your customer’s needs, saving you tons of time.

Puzzel’s Smart Chatbot delivers a quick ROI and will improve the bot user experience. Since it’s an integrated part of your omnichannel strategy it helps create a seamless and connected experience, from the digital customer journey all the way to the contact centre.

Remove the agent blind fold with advanced visual interactions

Give online customers the same level of attention and care they would receive in your office or store. With Puzzel Digital Engagement, agents can switch seamlessly to a live video calls to showcase products, deliver personalised consultations, or resolve sensitive customer service enquiries.

Escalate a conversation seamlessly from chat, through to voice and on to video whenever you need to.

Use advanced interactions such as screen share or co-browsing to assist customers with complex tasks, such as filling out a form or completing a purchase.

Trusted by award-winning businesses 

“We don’t want customers to contact us. We want our solution to be so good that customers can resolve matters themselves and be happy with the result. We want to devote our time and resources instead to providing personal advice when customers need to talk to us to benefit from our expertise.”

Nicolai Sølna, Process Developer at Storebrand

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Engagement enables organisations to segment website visitors based on their digital behaviour, journey and/or value, and then offer each individual the most efficient resolution to their problem. This could include guiding them to a particular page on their website, fetching information or documents, or connecting them with a live agent over web chat, voice or video.

Digital Engagement can help your customer service, sales or marketing team:

• Improve first contact resolution by directing customers to the right customer service channel for their particular enquiry, the first time
• Optimise channel management by routing customer enquiries according to their priority and your available resources
• Increase conversion by offering proactive and personalised assistance at key moments in the customer journey, e.g. during checkout

Research shows 66% of customers today feel treated like a number. But with Digital Engagement, you can ensure every customer feels seen and understood. By tracking your customers’ digital behaviour, you can gain a better understanding of their needs and deliver more personalised service. This saves precious time for your customers (and precious resource for your business).

Yes, our standalone Digital Engagement solution is WCGA 2.1 compliant. 

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