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Enhancing operations and tenant satisfaction in Housing Associations.

Simon Wilkinson
Head of Public Sector

Housing Associations in the UK serve as a vital pillar, providing homes for more than 4.4 million households. However, they are currently facing an array of challenges, from rising costs and staff turnover to housing shortages and the recent introduction of the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM). 

Navigating these challenges while ensuring the well-being of both tenants and staff can be an overwhelming task.  

At Puzzel, we advocate for the transformative power of technology to streamline operations and pave the way for more efficient ways of working. 

Navigating the challenges in the UK housing industry 

The UK housing industry has undergone significant turbulence, marked by a confluence of factors placing housing associations under tremendous pressure. 

Among these challenges is the shortage of social housing, with over 1.2 million people currently on waiting lists. The surge in inflation has drastically increased the costs of materials, land, and maintenance, limiting the ability to build new homes and retrofit legacy housing stock. Additionally, the UK government's announcement of a 7% rent increase cap, aimed at supporting tenants during economic challenges, has prompted housing associations to reconsider their spending strategies.  

Adding to the complexity, the Regulator of Social Housing introduced the Tenant Satisfaction Measures in April 2023 to ensure social housing landlords are providing quality homes and services to tenants.  

The question remains: How can housing associations effectively tackle these challenges and ensure both tenant satisfaction and compliance with TSM standards? 

Empowering Housing Associations with technology 

Technology can play a pivotal role in helping housing associations improve their collaboration, communication and coordination with their tenants, contractors, and staff. 

Puzzel’s cloud-based solution enables housing associations to: 

  • Enhance flexibility through omnichannel support  
    Our cloud-based omnichannel contact centre solution can elevate your tenant experience by facilitating communication across diverse channels, including phone, email, chat, SMS, web forms, and social media. This not only gives your tenants more choices when contacting you, but it also gives your agents a better overview of your tenant’s entire journey, ensuring improved communication.  
  • Optimise tenant support through enhanced self-service 
    Enhance tenant satisfaction by implementing user-friendly self-service options that allow your tenants to find information, arrange statutory safety checks, or access documents easily, 24/7. This not only empowers tenants but also reduces the workload of your staff.  

    Puzzel Smart Chatbot can help both your team and tenants by answering common questions, directing the tenant, and providing summaries for your agents. Additionally, IVR with Voice Bot or SMS features can be used to automate routine tasks such as repair bookings, rent balance enquiries, reminders, or feedback collection. By utilising Puzzel’s self-service features, you can elevate tenant satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and free up your agents to focus on more complex issues. 
  • Embrace video support for increased effectiveness 
    Puzzel’s live video technology native to the contact centre, can be used to inspect properties, diagnose issues, provide guidance, and verify repairs. Embracing live video support provides a personalised and efficient approach to addressing tenant needs, allowing housing associations to visually assess home issues before sending field service operators. This approach leads to faster repair times, enhanced service quality, and reduced costs. 

In a rapidly changing landscape, the ability to adapt, streamline operations, and prioritise tenant satisfaction and staff well-being is essential for housing associations.  

At Puzzel, we’re here to support you. With a history of collaborating closely with housing organisations, we're committed to being your ally in navigating these demands. 

Our suite of technological solutions offers the tools necessary to transform tenant experiences, navigate the TSMs, and ensure a brighter future for both your housing association and valued tenants. 

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Author: Simon Wilkinson  
Head of Public Sector 

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