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Sales Intelligence and Contact Centre enhancements driving the Puzzel experience.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
sales intelligence

We have been working tirelessly over the past few months to bring you both a brand-new product, as well as an important improvement to our contact centre offer, that will make your experience with Puzzel even better!

We know that consumer organisations like yours are working hard to retain existing customers by providing them with great customer service. Lately, though, we have been hearing that customer loyalty is amplified with the number of products and services that customers buy from a brand. The more products a customer buys, the less likely they are to leave your brand.

This creates the need for a sales platform to work alongside the contact centre, helping you improve your sales agents’ productivity and – in turn – increase your revenue across the customer base.

Our new product – Sales Intelligence – does just that!  

Sales Intelligence improves sales agents’ productivity by automating manual tasks, like dialling phone numbers and looking for customer info. Agents have more time to focus on customer conversations, bringing real value to their experience.

Sales Intelligence’s core functionality is the intelligent dialler, available in four modes: power, progressive, predictive and smart. The product also features capabilities developed with the aim of making sales agents’ and their managers’ lives easier. It targets key challenges, such as when customers don’t pick up the phone or don’t complete the purchase, too many admin tasks, poor lead quality and lack of customer insights.

Its list of powerful capabilities helps managers solve challenges like:  

  • Improving sales process efficiency 
  • Increasing sales conversion rates 
  • Gathering agents’ performance insights in real time
  • Reducing admin overhead 
  • Compliance

Sales Intelligence automatically connects agents to customers on the phone. Agents can book customer appointments for themselves or other colleagues, they can send out customer surveys and collect results. They can see customer information related to previous interactions and CRM data, all in one user interface.

Sales Intelligence also offers daily tasks planning, reducing the amount of admin that agents need to perform, so they can spend more time on the phone with customers. It also includes flexible configurations for your specific organisational needs and sales process.

To find out more about this new product check out the Puzzel Sales Intelligence web page here.

Introducing Customer Insight… the easiest and fastest way to gather customer feedback 

As we are working relentlessly to make our users’ lives easier, we’re proud to announce the release of another capability in the Puzzel Contact Centre: Puzzel Customer Insight.

Customer Insight helps save 50% of your time when surveying your customer base.

Customer Insight helps you create customer surveys for any channel in minutes, gather feedback from any channel in one place and visualise detailed and aggregated results. Quickly identify trends and outliers and link customers’ feedback to agents’ performance through Customer Insight, available within the Puzzel Admin Portal.

Customer Insight helps contact centre managers solve problems like creating customer surveys for multiple channels, collecting data from different systems, and cleaning and analysing it.

This new feature allows you to create a survey from a wide set of templates and automatically send surveys after each customer interaction across any channel.

To help you skip through the painful and lengthy process of collecting data from different systems and analysing it, Customer Insight allows you to visualise all customers’ responses from all channels in one place.

Furthermore, the first iteration of Customer Insight enables you to visualise customer feedback trends and quickly identify outliers, data points that are outside a set threshold of parameters.

The results of customers’ feedback are also linked to agent performance, thanks to the connection between this product and Performance Management. This allows you to identify where customer feedback links back to an agent interaction and identify key areas of improvement.

To find out more about this new product, check out the Customer Insight webpage here.

With Sales Intelligence and Customer Insight, we are proud to offer solutions that cater to our customers’ specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to improve agent productivity, customer experience, sales performance, or insights and reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to learn more about these exciting new solutions! 

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