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Sergel future-proofs its business with the Puzzel.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive

Sergel is a leading credit management agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, with operations across the Nordics and Baltics.

The company works with more than 850 businesses in transaction-intensive industries, such as utilities, banking and finance, helping them manage every stage of their credit process. This includes determining a potential customer’s credit rating, managing payments and collecting debts.

In February 2021, Sergel invested in the Puzzel Customer Service Platform to improve its customer service and future-proof its growing business. Today, the company has reduced its handling times, improved its agent experience, and is able to react and adapt quickly to the latest CX trends.

We caught up with Mikael Nilsson, Sergel’s Personnel Planning Officer, and Emma Westlund, Sergel’s Channel Support Manager, to find out more.

A solution for the future

Businesses choose to work with Sergel because of its focus on customer retention. The company strives to find credit solutions that work for all parties, and to provide state-of-the-art customer service, so businesses can maintain long-term, profitable relationships with their customers.

To achieve this, Sergel needed a modern and flexible contact centre solution that could meet the needs of its customers now and in the future. After researching the market, it found Puzzel the perfect fit.

“We want to serve our customers in the best way possible. That’s why it’s important we have the best tools,” Mikael explained.

“We needed a new supplier who we could partner with to develop new functionalities and future-proof the service we provide. Our aim was to find a product with new functions, reliable delivery, good SLA (service level agreement) levels, and a competitive price,” Emma explained.

“We chose Puzzel because it’s an innovative solution that can be developed with us moving forwards. Puzzel is cloud-based, so we can easily integrate the solution with existing and future systems.”

A local partner

In addition to more flexibility, Sergel also needed a CCaaS solution that could work across its Nordic markets.

Sergel was founded as a debt collection agency in Sweden in 1988 by Televerket. But since then, the company has grown and now has offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia.

“We needed a system that worked in all four Nordic countries, so we could work closely with our service provider and develop each site and country together,” Emma said. “Each country has different regulations that we need to consider.”

Improving the agent experience

Since switching to Puzzel, Sergel has improved both its customer and agent experience. Agents no longer have to switch between multiple systems to handle voice and web chat interactions, resulting in faster resolution times for customers. Managerial tasks, such as updating customer journeys and tracking agent performance, has also become easier for team leaders.

“The change we’ve seen at Sergel is a better customer journey for our customers when they contact us by phone and via chat. We also have better working tools for our employees,” Emma explained.

“Our strength is our employees – the people who deal on a daily basis with our customers. They are solutions-oriented and always act in the best interests of our customers. Puzzel has a good user interface that makes it easy to reply to inbound calls and chats. We also have a knowledgebase that we can use internally to search and find information we need in our daily work.”

Mikael added: “The advantage of Puzzel is that we can adapt it constantly to our needs on a daily basis. We can quickly go into any case and make adjustments according to the dialogue. We also use the statistics generated in the system to decide what training and support is needed for our staff.”

Looking to the future

With the Puzzel Customer Service Platform, Sergel can now adapt its customer service whenever it needs to meet the evolving expectations of its customers and their end customers. It’s also improved handling times by unifying its voice and web chat channels into one platform, resulting in happier agents and customers.

“In the future, we want to open new channels for our customers and give them the customer experience they deserve. At the same time, we want to make sure our employees have a comfortable working environment and very good tools,” Emma said.

“Puzzel is the service provider that can help us on this journey.”

Want to future-proof your customer service like Sergel? Contact us for a live demo of the Puzzel Customer Service Platform today.

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