AI and Automation
in your contact centre

Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation in your contact centre is crucial in today’s digital world. Find out our top tips to eliminate routine, repetitive tasks and speed up resolution.

Leveraging AI in the next generation contact centre

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a science fiction concept anymore. You can find it everywhere from digital e-payments and public transport to personalised ads on social media. And it has a lot of benefits for your contact centre agents too. Here are some great ways to adopt AI in your contact centre.

Personalised and proactive messaging

Most websites treat all visitors the same, which results in a poor and expensive customer experience. Instead, you can use AI to display different messages and campaign offers depending on customer behaviour. You’ll quickly turn first-time visitors into happy long-time customers by mastering the online journey.

Automating routine tasks

Automation tools make it easier for your agents to focus on more advanced tasks and complex conversations with customers. The goal is to strike the right balance between human expertise and efficient AI and automation. By using a toolbox, you can define and carry out processes such as logging in or make transactions on behalf of your website visitors. This frees up your agents to get on with the things that really matter.

Routing interactions effectively

No one likes being sent to the wrong place. Customers get frustrated as they’re bounced around between different departments, while agents are left dealing with a query or request outside of their expertise. AI can help route these interactions more effectively, both via traditional automatic call distribution (ACD) and a similar system for digital channels.

Virtual Agents

When most people think about AI and customer service, they think about chatbots. Many customers will use a chatbot before calling through to a contact centre. A contextual conversational AI chatbot can support every stage of the digital customer journey and use the same tools as a live agent. This means they can assist in both sales and customer service 24/7, and at scale.

If an enquiry needs a human touch, customers are seamlessly transferred to a live agent with a full handover of their interactions, journey and profile data, so agents are always up to speed.

Proactive rule engine

AI empowers you to act on the behaviour, journey and value of visitors on your website. By setting up engagement rules and triggers, you can segment your site visitors and select the most efficient channel for that specific customer, time and case type.


Even on the best designed websites and online stores, customers can sometimes need a helping hand. With co-browsing, agents can share their screens to show customers where to find the information or products they’re looking for. Agents can also co-browse with customers to help them fill out web forms or make purchases. With AI and automation, all transactions (including sensitive details such as passwords and payment details) are obscured for the customer’s security. Co-browsing can also be combined with a video call for a fully immersive experience.

And that’s just the start!

The benefits of adopting AI and automation in your contact centre are countless.
The best part is that you can enjoy all of these benefits through one easy-to-implement product: Puzzel Digital Engagement.

Adopting AI isn’t about replacing your customer service agents, it’s about providing them with assistance that makes their job easier and improves the customer experience. From AI that can accurately predict customer intent (so your agents are one step ahead of their callers) to pre-warning agents about possible problems (imagine picking up a call with a warning that the customer sounds angry), there’s a lot more exciting innovation still to come.

Trusted by award-winning businesses 

“With a 26% increase in conversion, email reduction of 40% and a 70% reduced handling time thanks to the chatbot which pre-processes dialogues before handing over to a human agent, we are more than happy. We can now provide accurate personalised service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million loyalty members who choose to use digital channels.” 

Chérie Dahlin, Customer Service Manager at Granngården

Wondering how to get started with AI and automation tools?

Top tip: encourage teams pursuing experience improvement initiatives to partner with and learn from others.
Make all leaders of experience-related initiatives equally responsible for solving the combined needs of customers and employees.

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