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Drive efficiency with Self-Service Automation.

When your contact centre runs smoothly, your team is empowered to deliver superior service. Our Self-Service Automation boosts efficiency and transforms the customer experience - helping your customers reach a satisfactory resolution even faster.

Self Service Automation

Trusted by Europe's customer experience leaders.

Maximise operational efficiency and help customers resolve queries faster.

Key features.

Powered by conversational AI, our BOT delivers instant support and guidance through chatbot and voicebot solutions. It enhances self-service rates and customer experience with human-like conversations, giving personalised support in every interaction. When human support is needed, the BOT simply transfers the customer to an agent. Plus, our BOT comes equipped with a Generative AI co-pilot feature, for training and maintaining bots.
Case Management
Intent Engine
Unlock the full potential of your customers’ digital journeys with our Intent Engine. By tracking, monitoring, and analysing customer behaviour, clicks, and website navigation, you can anticipate when customers need help and offer proactive, personalised support. If needed, simply transfer the customer to an agent. The result? Higher conversion rates, higher first contact resolutions, and an improved customer experience.
Control Centre
Simplify operational management and empower your managers with our Control Centre, the one-stop solution for running all self-service conversations in your contact centre. From a single dashboard, you can configure the rules of the Intent Engine, refresh the Knowledge Hub with the latest content and fine-tune your chatbot solution.
Unlock the full potential of your self-service solutions with our comprehensive reporting tools. Our blend of intuitive dashboards and tailored reports offers a complete view of performance across all parts of your service, from individual workflows to KPIs. Dive into the data that matters and emerge with actionable insights that drive continuous improvement and strategic success.
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Unlock your team's potential with the Puzzel CX Platform.

Puzzel Self-Service Automation is part of the Puzzel CX platform, which combines Contact Centre as a Service with Self-Service Automation capabilities. This helps you consolidate all your contact centre technologies in a single platform, so you can focus on what matters most – providing delightful customer experiences, regardless of channel. 

Fully integrated into your workflows
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Your customers are always changing. We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our Contact Centre platform lets you add new features or expand your operations as you grow, easily and simply.

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