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Power your CX strategy with intelligent reporting.

Understand how your self-service offerings are performing with the insights you need to make data-driven decisions, ensuring effective operations and powerful customer journeys.

AI chatbot and voicebot

Trusted by Europe's customer experience leaders.

Drive customer success with actionable data.

Know what’s needed to optimise your self-service offerings. Monitor and analyse every interaction initiated through self-service channels, ensuring you have the data-driven insights needed to make informed decisions. Track website engagement, monitor Knowledge Hub performance, and evaluate chatbot and voicebot intents to continuously stay ahead of your customer experience. 

website journeys

Report back on customers' website journeys.

Understand how your customers’ digital journeys are performing with custom dashboards. See how often your help is offered to customers and how well it’s accepted. For example, you can track how many visitors your website gets, how many conversations start from self-service, and how many from human chat invites. This way, you can better understand what’s working for your customers.


Turn your AI bot into a reliable customer service representative.

Say no to disconnected chatbots. Discover how effectively your AI bot (in your chatbot or voicebot solution) handles customer queries with detailed intent-matching insights. Evaluate if your training data adequately matches queries to intents and fine-tune intent models for better accuracy, ensuring your bot applications seamlessly aligns with customer intents on your website. Identify and strengthen weaker intents to enhance overall performance and gain confidence in your AI’s ability to support customer needs.

Features of the Control Centre.

Intent Engine reporting
Create personalised dashboards with the report-designer and save them to your reporting section.
Intent engine reporting
BOT/AI reporting
View an overview of intent matches and drill down to identify weak matches.
Tailored recommendations_
Empower your contact centre with the Puzzel CX Platform.

Reporting is part of Puzzel Self-Service Automation, which is integrated in the Puzzel CX Platform. The Puzzel CX Platform combines Contact Centre as a Service with Self-Service Automation capabilities. This helps you consolidate all your contact centre technologies in a single platform, so you can focus on what matters most – providing delightful customer experiences, regardless of channel.

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