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Boost efficiency with smarter ticketing.

Never let a ticket go unresolved. Empower agents with a clear overview of inbound ticket queues and prioritisation, enabling them to resolve tickets faster.

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Simplify ticket handling.

Ensure agents always know which tickets to prioritise next. Support requests via email, SMS, and API integrations are efficiently categorised, prioritised, and directed to agents based on their skills, ensuring quicker response times and smoother operations. 

customer queries

Resolve queries, faster.

Say goodbye to a messy inbox. Keep things efficient and consistent with ticket responses from email, SMS, and API integrations in one place. And, with skill-based routing, agents get cases that align with their expertise, enabling them to resolve tickets faster.

agent experience

Boost the agent experience.

Make your agents’ lives easier with a clear ticket view tailored to their skills. Facilitate smooth internal collaboration with detailed ticket notes and attributes, which also saves time in searching for information. And by categorising, prioritising, and tagging inbound tickets, agents gain full visibility, making it easier to manage and resolve queries effectively. 

service levels

Maintain service levels, at all times.

Keep your inbox organised and your contact centre efficient to deliver faster, better customer service. Even during unexpected surges, our platform helps you stay on track with bulk actions to maintain service levels. 

Features of Ticketing.

Ticket prioritisation
Tag and prioritise tickets for better visibility.
ticketing management
Skill-based routing
Direct customer tickets to the right agent
skill-based routing
Ticket attributes
Agents can populate or update ticket attributes such as team, user, priority, status, tags, categories, forms, and form fields.
Reporting ticketing
Reply/forward messages
Easily manage responses and forwards.
make real-time adjustments
Set up integrations with systems like Salesforce, Jira and Customer Insight.
Empower your contact centre with the Puzzel CX Platform.

Ticketing is part of Puzzel Case Management, which is an add-on to the Puzzel CX Platform. The Puzzel CX Platform combines Contact Centre as a Service with Self-Service Automation capabilities. This helps you consolidate all your contact centre technologies in a single platform, so you can focus on what matters most – providing delightful customer experiences, regardless of channel 

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