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A contact centre agent smiles next to a graphic of The Digital Hotline's (DDH) logo..

The Digital Hotline (DDH) Case Study

The Digital Hotline provides Danish residents with fast, reliable support using the Puzzel Contact Centre.

The requirement

The Digital Hotline (DDH) is a free telephone service provided to residents in 44 of Denmark’s local councils. Residents can call the hotline for help and advice on a range of local government topics, from passport applications to pest control.

With 350 contact centre agents located across the country, The Digital Hotline needed a cloud solution that would enable all employees to work within the same platform. It also wanted a solution that could integrate with multiple third-party systems, such as the councils’ comprehensive knowledgebase. This would enable agents to search for information and provide faster and more consistent responses to residents.

“There were several things that made Puzzel interesting to us,” Torben Glock, a project leader in the City of Aarhus, said. “It was important for us to have a single web- and cloud-based system that allowed for different system integrations. We saw from the start that we could get that with Puzzel.”

The solution

The Puzzel Contact Centre provides The Digital Hotline with a single, unified solution that is easy for agents to use. “Puzzel’s contact centre is both reliable and intuitive. It means a lot to us because we have staff who are spread all over the country who can use the system easily,” Torben Glock said.

Our open software can also be integrated with new digital systems as residents’ needs evolve. For example, when residents cannot find the information they’re looking for or get lost on their local council’s website, they can now get help via phone or automated chatbot. If the chatbot is unable to answer a question, the resident can be transferred directly to an agent by simply entering their telephone number. The resident is queued within the Puzzel system and all chat history leading up to the transfer is presented to the agent for context.

“With Puzzel, we have the freedom to develop our business as we need to. It is an open system that allows us to buy exactly the integrations we need,” Torben Glock said.

The results

The Digital Hotline is a major success in Denmark. The scheme ensures that small and large councils across the country can provide fast, accessible and consistent support to residents in a cost-effective manner.

Puzzel has provided The Digital Hotline with a modular software solution that can be easily integrated with different digital solutions and databases. All agents are able to work within a single platform. And data can be captured and analysed for each individual council, as well as for The Digital Hotline generally, helping public servants to make more informed decisions for their residents.

Here’s what The Digital Hotline had to say

The Digital Hotline logo.

“Puzzel’s contact centre is both reliable and intuitive. It means a lot to us because we have staff who are spread all over the country who can use the system easily.”

Torben Glock, Project Leader at City of Aarhus