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Norlys Case Study

Norlys has replaced a host of different customer service systems with one efficient, simplified contact centre solution. This gives Norlys a unique view of the journey for the millions of customers who use the company’s customer services every year.


Norlys is Denmark’s largest energy and telephony group, with more than 1.7 million customer accounts. The company is a one-brand concept consisting of 40 merged companies united under the Norlys name.

Norlys provides internet, TV and streaming services, charging solutions for electric cars as well as natural gas and electricity to its customers.

The strong expansion that Norlys has undergone is partly due to the company’s ambition to create positive change through a common approach. Norlys is based on the idea that together, we are stronger.

Multiple business activities also bring very different customer centre solutions and many customer inputs by phone, mail and chats. Puzzel’s cloud-based contact centre solution has helped Norlys to massively streamline its customer services, cutting working hours for their over 500 customer agents – to the benefit of their customers.


Norlys disposed of its heavy and space-consuming hardware in the basement some time ago, replacing it with a reliable, cloud-based contact centre solution through Puzzel that can be quickly adapted to the company’s different needs.

With the transition to Puzzel in 2020, Norlys simultaneously discontinued five different telephony systems across its business units. There are still a large number of customer inputs, but complexity is significantly reduced by the fact that everything can be managed from one system with Puzzel’s contact centre solution. That also gives Norlys a unique insight into important customer management data.

“By bringing all our customer inputs into Puzzel’s operational management system, we’ve been able to start getting a better picture of the journey our customers are experiencing. We couldn’t do that before, and that’s important to us,” says Pernille Storgaard, Senior Director at Norlys.


Norlys answers more than 250,000 calls every month through Puzzel’s contact centre solution, distributed among 525 customer agents. Through Puzzel, Norlys has both live chats and several chatbots, as well as 180 licences for the Puzzel Workforce Management solution.

According to Pernille Storgaard, there are many advantages to choosing Puzzel as a contact centre supplier, in addition to the obvious efficiency gains of different solutions in one system.

Here’s what Norlys had to say

“Firstly, we’ve become much more agile in terms of being able to make necessary changes to the system. That’s been crucial during the current energy crisis, letting us flexibly and quickly change our staffing set-up with the Puzzel system, for example. Setting up new agents used to be cumbersome and time-consuming, but now I can do it myself in a matter of moments. The same applies if new voicemail messages or other changes need to be made.”

Pernille Storgaard, Senior Director at Norlys