Moments that matter

Delivering memorable service (for all the right reasons)

 In today’s digital world, with anything you can think of at your fingertips, every single moment in the customer service journey matters.

Think of it this way. Each positive moment is a grain of sand in the customer relationship sandcastle you’re building – and one rogue beachball of bad service can flatten the whole thing in seconds. 

And because every moment matters in the contact centre, we believe in celebrating the small wins, big achievements and everything in between.

Saving the day for a super fan

With Contact Centre Solutions from Puzzel, Dan can work out what that really complicated technical problem was. A quick video call is all it takes to figure out what happened in real-time, so Dan can get back to what really matters.

Support in a sticky situation

With Puzzel, Dan’s investment provider can co-browse with Dan, making complex web tasks easy. An agent can help him get a refund without seeing any sensitive information like his password or payment details. With the money back in his account, not a moment too soon, Dan can get back to what really matters.

Share a moment that mattered with us

Here’s the problem with CX news: it seems we only ever hear negative stories about customer service. In reality, there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of positive stories for every customer service nightmare you see in the news. 

So let’s change that, together. It’s time we shared the real moments and the contact centre heroes that matter to your customers. 

Share a moment (or two) that really mattered in your contact centre. Because it’s time we shouted out the highs and spread a little positivity in our CX community. All you have to do is tag us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn using #momentsthatmatter. Whatever your moment – no matter how big or small – we’d love to hear about it!

Show support where it matters

Every moment matters in a contact centre. Great agent experience is no exception. With Puzzel you can provide your agents with the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer service,  making your agents happy as well as your customers. Find out more about the Puzzel Customer Service platform today.