Digital Engagement

Deliver customer service and buying experiences for the digital world 

With almost 90% of customer journeys now beginning online, organisations need to be able to deliver compelling customer service, sales and marketing experiences via their website. With Digital Engagement, you can engage visitors from the moment they land on your site and nurture them with proactive, personalised customer support in real-time and at scale.

Master the digital customer journey 

  • Understand your customers: Build a profile of every person who visits your website to understand why they’re there, what they’re looking for, and how you can help.
  • Convert and nurture web visitors: Create triggers to proactively engage customers with the right offers, at the right time, to increase sales conversion and customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver visual support: Video chat with customers and share web sessions to assist them with complex tasks and deliver a more personalised digital customer service experience.
  • Manage contact volumes: Stay in control of inbound contact volumes by guiding online customers to the most efficient channel for their customer service enquiry based on your own business rules.
  • Grow revenue, not headcount: Build an intelligent AI-powered bot that can answer customer enquiries and perform simple service tasks 24/7.

Why choose Digital Engagement?

Understand your online customers

Every click on your website is an opportunity to learn more about your customers. With Digital Engagement, you can build a profile of every person who visits your website based on their browsing behaviour, history and interactions. Learn why they’re there and what they’re looking for so you can deliver a more efficient and effective customer experience.

Turn web visitors into loyal customers

Act on your web visitors’ behaviour, journey or value. With our Proactive Rule Engine, you can create triggers to engage web visitors with the right offer, at the right time, to increase your sales conversion rate and customer satisfaction. Help customers find the information they need as quickly as possible and use data from your CRM to personalise prompts, such as reminding customers to renew their subscription if their service is about to expire. You can even customise rules for different customer segments, including first-time visitors, long-time users, vulnerable customers, and VIPs.

Deliver visual support

Give online customers the same level of attention and care they’d receive in your office or store. Conduct live video calls to showcase products, deliver personalised consultations, or resolve sensitive customer service enquiries. Share web sessions to assist customers with complex tasks, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Manage contact volumes

Stay in control of your customer service queues and contact volumes with strategic channel management. With Digital Engagement, you can guide online customers to the most efficient channel for their enquiry based on request type, agent availability, opening hours and workload. Routing customers to the right channel, the first time, will improve your first contact resolution rate and slash service costs.

Deliver efficient self-service with AI

Reduce your call volumes and free agents from repetitive and mundane tasks with an intelligent chatbot. Unlike basic chatbots that simply answer FAQs, our bot is proactive and starts with contextual relevant dialogs for every visitor. It has the same tools as a live agent and can navigate and assist in simple tasks to save agents time, including helping customers to login or retrieve invoices. If an enquiry needs a human touch, customers are seamlessly transferred to a live agent with a full handover of their interactions, journey and profile data, so they’re always up to speed.

Become a digital-first contact centre

Say goodbye to the phrase ‘How can I help you’ and start delivering more personalised and proactive customer service. With Puzzel Digital Engagement, you can track your customers’ digital journeys in real-time to better understand their needs and how you can assist them. Then you can automatically direct them to the most efficient channel for their enquiry based on your agent availability, skills, channel costs, operating hours and workload. Through better channel management, our customers are able to resolve 90% of enquiries on first contact and have reduced their service costs by up to 50%. Our intelligent bot has also helped reduce call volumes and increase uptake of self-service channels. 

Digitise your marketing and sales

Never miss an opportunity to engage your digital customers. With Puzzel Digital Engagement, you can turn every website visitor into a sales or nurture opportunity with AI-powered precision. Build profiles of every person who browses your site to better understand their needs and what products and promotions might appeal to them. Then create triggers to engage them at the right time, with the right offer, to increase your chance of conversion. By proactively engaging customers on their website, our customers have seen a 35% increase in conversion and 5x decline in cart abandonment rates.

Trusted by award-winning businesses 

“We can now provide accurate personal service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million loyalty members who choose to use digital channels.” 

Chérie Dahlin Customer Service Manager at Granngården 

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Engagement is a digital-first customer service solution. It enables organisations to segment website visitors based on their digital behaviour, journey and/or value, and then offer each individual the most efficient resolution to their problem. This could include guiding them to a particular page on their website, fetching information or documents, or connecting them with a live agent over web chat, voice or video.

Digital Engagement can help your customer service, sales or marketing team:

• Improve first contact resolution by directing customers to the right customer service channel for their particular enquiry, the first time
• Optimise channel management by routing customer enquiries according to their priority and your available resources
• Increase conversion by offering proactive and personalised assistance at key moments in the customer journey, e.g. during checkout

Research shows 66% of customers today feel treated like a number. But with Digital Engagement, you can ensure every customer feels seen and understood. By tracking your customers’ digital behaviour, you can gain a better understanding of their needs and deliver more personalised service. This saves precious time for your customers (and precious resource for your business).

Yes, our standalone Digital Engagement solution is WCGA 2.1 compliant. 

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