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Unleashing Transformation: The Future of Contact Centres in 2024 and Beyond.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
The future of contact centres

The shift from on-premises setups to CCaaS is not merely a trend; it's a strategic move to unlock cutting-edge technologies, enhance the employee experience (EX), and ultimately, elevate the customer experience (CX).  

Here, we’ll explore the state of the CCaaS market and discuss the future of contact centres in 2024 and beyond, with insights from Bernardin Arnason, Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan and keynote speaker at Elevate ‘23. 

The European CCaaS market: An overview

The Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) market has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Frost and Sullivan’s recent study reveals the European CCaaS market is currently valued at €1.4 billion, forecasted to reach €1.6 billion by the end of 2023. 

Despite this surge, Puzzel’s newest research highlights a noteworthy statistic: 46% of contact centres still operate with traditional on-prem setups. As new technologies arise, along with the adoption of modern hybrid working models and a heightened focus on cost-effectiveness, Bernardin emphasises the need to adapt to cloud-based solutions to stay ahead in the ever-evolving CX landscape.  

The critical link between Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) 

It’s said that happy employees lead to happy customers. Bernardin emphasises this statement, shedding light on the crucial link between the employee experience (EX) and the customer experience (CX). 

He highlights the importance of the employee experience (EX), citing a survey revealing nearly half of all contact centres have employee attrition rates of 40% or higher. In practical terms, for every 10 employees hired, four or more are lost annually, inevitably impacting CX. 

CCaaS emerges as a catalyst for improving both EX and CX, equipping contact centres with relevant tools and improved agent support to foster a positive work culture and deliver exceptional service.  

Here are some ways CCaaS can enhance EX and CX: 

  • Enhancing training and development: CCaaS incorporate relevant training tools, such as knowledgebases, ensuring that agents have access to the latest information.  
  • Improved agent support: CCaaS offers agents the tools they need for efficient issue resolution, such as access to AI-powered assistance, like Agent Assist.   
  • Increased automation: Increased use of automation within the contact centre can free customer service agents from repetitive, manual tasks, saving time to focus on more important tasks.  
  • Flexible work environment: CCaaS empowers employees by giving them more autonomy, flexibility, and control over their work. CCaaS enables employees to work from anywhere, choose their preferred communication channels, access relevant information and support, and customise their work schedules.  

CCaaS plays a pivotal role in enhancing both employee and customer experiences, creating a win-win situation for contact centres aiming to deliver exceptional service and maintain a motivated and skilled workforce. 

Generative AI in the realm of CCaaS   

Besides addressing the need for adapting to cloud-based solutions, Bernardin emphasises the role of Generative AI, not only as a trend but also as a driving force for accelerating migration to the cloud. 

AI, deployed across various applications within CCaaS, is reshaping the industry through task automation, enriched interactions, streamlined processes, and the generation of valuable insights. 

As you plan for 2024, the adoption of Generative AI and cloud-based solutions emerges as a key lever for maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic landscape. Embracing these solutions unlocks the full potential of Employee Experience (EX), and, in turn, elevates the Customer Experience (CX) to unprecedented heights. 

Did you miss Bernardin’s session at Elevate ‘23? Watch the recording here.  

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