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Phygital Customer Experience: Make customer service your competitive advantage.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
phygital customer experience

The customer service world is awash with buzzwords and trends. So, is Phygital Customer Experience just another buzzword or the next best thing?

In this article, we’ll explain what Phygital Customer Experience is, the benefits for your business and your agents, and tools and tips to help you implement Phygital CX as part of your contact centre strategy.

So, what is Phygital Customer Experience?

"Phygital" is a term that describes the convergence of physical and digital experiences. A "Phygital Customer Experience" refers to the seamless integration of both physical and digital experiences in the customer journey.

In a Phygital Customer Experience, customers can move seamlessly between online and offline interactions with a brand. For example, a customer may start their shopping journey by browsing products on a website but then choose to visit a physical store to see the product in person before making a purchase. Alternatively, a customer may receive personalised recommendations via email or social media, which they can then purchase in-store.

The goal of a Phygital Customer Experience is to create a seamless and integrated customer journey that delivers value to the customer at every touchpoint. By providing a consistent and personalised experience across both physical and digital channels, companies can build stronger relationships with their customers and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Agent Experience (AX)

Phygital Customer Experience can have a significant impact Agent Experience. With the integration of physical and digital experiences, agents may be required to work across multiple channels and touchpoints, which can increase the complexity of their job. Making their role diverse and fulfilling.

One of the key benefits of a Phygital Customer Experience is the ability to provide customers with more personalised and relevant interactions. This means that agents may need to have a deeper understanding of each customer's needs, preferences, and history with the company. Tools such as speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics can help you identify patterns and trends in customer interactions, which can help you optimise your operations and improve customer experiences.

Finally, Phygital Customer Experience can also impact the metrics and KPIs that agents are measured against. With a focus on delivering a seamless and integrated customer journey, agents may be evaluated based on customer satisfaction across multiple touchpoints rather than just one specific channel. This can require a shift in how agents are trained, incentivised, and rewarded.

Here are some tips to help you deliver a cohesive Phygital Customer Experience:

  • Understand your customers: Develop a deep understanding of your customer's needs, preferences, and behaviours. Use data analytics and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and tailor your Phygital Customer Experience to meet your customers' expectations.
  • Provide a seamless experience across all touchpoints: Create a seamless and integrated experience across all channels and touchpoints. Ensure that customers can move between online and offline interactions without any friction and that they receive consistent and accurate information at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Invest in Digital Engagement tools: Invest in digital tools and platforms that support a Phygital Customer Experience. This includes tools such as Digital Engagement. With almost 90% of customer journeys now beginning online, organisations need to be able to deliver compelling online customer service, sales and marketing experiences. With Puzzel Digital Engagement, you can automate and engage customers from the moment they land on your site, then nurture and upsell them with proactive, personalised customer support and sales in real-time and at scale.
  • Empower your agents with personalised training and coaching: Train your employees to deliver a cohesive Phygital Customer Experience. This includes teaching them how to use digital tools and platforms, as well as how to provide personalised and relevant interactions with customers across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Create a customer-centric culture: Foster a customer-centric culture that prioritises the customer experience above all else. Encourage your employees to go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional customer experience and reward them for doing so.
  • Measure and evaluate: Measure and evaluate the success of your Phygital Customer Experience. Use metrics such as customer satisfaction, repeat business, and customer lifetime value to identify areas for improvement and optimise your Phygital Customer Experience over time.

A cohesive customer experience spanning the digital and physical world

In conclusion, Phygital Customer Experience delivers a seamless and integrated experience for customers across physical and digital channels. By combining the convenience and speed of digital interactions with the sensory and emotional experiences of physical interactions, brands can create more personalized and relevant interactions with their customers. This can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Additionally, a Phygital Customer Experience can help companies gain a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves from other brands that rely solely on physical or digital interactions.

A Phygital Customer Experience is a powerful way for brands to build stronger relationships with their customers and deliver exceptional value at every touchpoint.

To learn more about Phygital Customer Experience and how Puzzel can help, chat with a member of the Puzzel team today. We’re here to help!

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