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Mastering the holiday rush: Elevating contact centre performance.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive
Contact centre performance to master holiday rush

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but for customer service teams, it’s also a time of increased stress and demand. However, with a comprehensive contact centre solution that encompasses workforce management and self-service capabilities, you can ensure your contact centre is well-prepared to handle the holiday rush and deliver excellent customer experiences. 

Navigating the challenges of holiday season preparation 

Preparing your contact centre for the hectic holiday season can be quite challenging. It involves juggling various aspects, including updating your website, managing agents working remotely, and optimising self-service options.  

To minimise stress for your team while ensuring prompt service for customers, investing in advanced self-service solutions and a robust workforce management system is key. 

At Puzzel, we're dedicated to empowering your contact centre with the most effective tools to master the holiday season demands. 

Workforce Management: Preparing your team for the holidays 

Puzzel’s contact centre solution offers access to our Workforce Management (WFM) platform, a comprehensive tool that simplifies forecasting and scheduling. It centralises vital data and insights, enabling efficient workforce management that upholds service quality, enhances agent experience, and minimises operational costs. 

Here’s how workforce management can elevate your contact centre performance during the holiday season: 

  • Empowering agents with self-scheduling 
    Empower your agents with more control over their schedules. Our Workforce Management system enables agents to input their available times, select preferred shifts, request shift changes, and organise their vacation days—all through a user-friendly web portal or the Puzzel WFM mobile application.  
  • Ensuring accurate forecasting 
    Effective scheduling begins with precise demand forecasting. Puzzel WFM allows planners to import historical contact centre data, which is analysed to generate detailed forecasts. These forecasts predict contact volumes and average handling times (AHT), ensuring staffing aligns with service-level goals. Planners can fine-tune forecasts as needed for greater accuracy. 
  • Optimising performance with Real-Time Adherence  
    Effective schedule management is crucial for maintaining optimal customer service. Our system enables real-time monitoring of agent activities, ensuring adherence to schedules and swift resolution of any discrepancies. 

Enhancing self-service with Digital Engagement 

With an impressive 87 % of customers beginning their journey online, it’s crucial to provide seamless self-service options. Optimised self-service not only saves time for your agents but also delivers swift service to customers—a true win-win scenario. 

Puzzel’s Digital Engagement tools allow for comprehensive tracking and analysis of customer interactions on your website. You can establish specific rules for customer engagement based on their journey, ensuring a personalised and efficient experience. 

For example, you can help customers who are stuck on your website by having a chatbot popping up, asking questions related to the topics the customer has searched for or clicked on. Or, if they have left their shopping cart, you can simply offer a discount – fully automated with the platform. For more complex tasks, screen sharing or co-browsing can be used to assist customers with complex tasks, such as filling out a form or completing a purchase. 

As the holiday season approaches, it's crucial to invest in solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also set the stage for future success. With Puzzel’s solutions, you can navigate the holiday rush with confidence, ensuring that both customers and agents have a positive and stress-free experience.  

Are you ready to optimise your contact centre? Book a free demo today! 

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