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JYSK expands internationally with Puzzel's contact centre solution.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
JYSK customer service

JYSK Nordic, with stores in more than 20 countries, has extended their agreement with Puzzel for another three years. The new agreement covers cloud-based contact centre solutions in all countries with the possibility of further expansion.

JYSK sells mattresses, furniture and other furnishings and has been using Puzzel's contact centre solution for the past three years. They have now extended the agreement and expanded the number of customer service agents in the contact centre.

Tanja Ammentorp, Customer Service Manager for JYSK Nordic, has the following to say about the expansion: "Puzzel's solutions are cloud-based and geographically independent and therefore support our international expansion. As almost all contact centres have an identical setup, it is easy to expand. We can expand to new countries and set up the solution in local languages. This is important as we have chosen to have local contact centres in all countries so that we can meet customers in their own language and ensure the necessary local expertise."

"Puzzle's solution is integrated with Salesforce. This means that we in JYSK can build up a large knowledge database, which can also be used as a strategic tool for management. Each country can continuously monitor how well they are doing. The management has a complete overview of all countries and can thus carry out reference checks with the individual countries' customer service. We can also see if there is a need for more customer service representatives, if there is a need for extra training and, not least, which customer enquiries come to us most often."

"Previously, we had different solutions in each country, and the customer service agents didn't use the same systems to keep track of customer enquiries. It was confusing. Now all the customer service agents work in the same system. The experience when calling customer service should be at least as good as when you go to a physical store. Today it's actually even better, as questions to the digital contact centre can be routed to different agents with specific expertise in the area the customer is requesting,’ says Tanja Ammentorp.

Tanja has been part of the whole journey when JYSK has implemented contact centres around the world. The contact centres were established as online sales were launched in the JYSK Nordic countries. During this process, it also became the task of the contact centre to relieve the stores in connection with telephone enquiries. Today, all calls to the stores are sent to the contact centre, so the store staff can focus on the customers in the store.

It has been four years since JYSK changed strategy and chose a cloud-based contact centre solution.

"In JYSK, we have relieved the stores and at the same time gained an important management tool with real-time data and integration to our Business Intelligence system. In this way, we can easily get a visual overview and international statistics of the questions our customers have for us, and we can also compare the individual countries. We also avoid a time-consuming reporting system, which means that more members of management can follow and influence developments in the business. With Puzzle's virtual contact centre solution, we can easily expand and our customer service representatives can sit anywhere geographically."

When building technically advanced solutions, it's important to keep the focus on people. Tanja continues: "It takes a lot to collaborate internally between store and customer service. 

They need to be able to understand each other's world. That's why, organisationally, we've placed the contact centre in the same unit, i.e. they're part of our retail organisation, reporting to the same regional manager, attending the same meetings and being trained in each other's tasks. It is a focus area for us that customers get the same experience regardless of whether they meet JYSK in a store, by phone, on chat, via email, or through other media,’ she concludes.

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