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Elevate ’23: A Bright Future for Customer Experience (CX) in the Age of AI.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
elevate recap

Elevate ’23 was Puzzel’s main event of the year, bringing together a phenomenal line-up of industry leaders, customers and Puzzel executives to discuss a topic that is near and dear to us – the bold future of Customer Experiences (CX) in the age of AI. Here, we will take you through Part 1 of the conference.

What better way to kick off the conference than with our CEO, Frederic Laziou, sharing details of Puzzel’s latest survey of contact centre professionals? While the full survey results will be unveiled later this month, Frederic’s covered Puzzel’s latest findings, including:

  • Higher consumer expectations for speed and efficiency

  • Need for emotional connection between organisations and consumers

  • Increased online channel adoption

  • Surge in adoption of Generative AI (GenAI)

For a sneak peek of the results, watch Frederic’s session on-demand.

Following an energising presentation from Frederic, next up we had Bernardin Arnason, Industry Principal at Frost and Sullivan, who talked about the future of customer service. During his presentation, he covered interesting details about the European CCaaS market, as well as the importance of workforce features to elevate agent, supervisor and manager experiences.

For more details on the future of contact centres in 2024 and beyond, watch Bernardin’s session on-demand.

Helping add context to Frederic’s and Bernardin’s points, we had none other than Tanja Ammentorp, Customer Service Director at Jysk, Denmark’s largest retailer (and leading Puzzel customer).

Tanja’s engaging talk focused on how Jysk is unlocking seamless customer experiences. She shared interesting details on the importance of a close collaboration between retail, B2B and customer service to help enhance the customer journey. She also covered industry-leading insights on how Jysk is approaching its customer service strategy, including customer feedback, self-service solutions and the future of AI.

To understand Tanja’s unmissable take on the future of customer experiences, watch her session on demand.

With these phenomenal sessions, we closed Part 1 of the event. Stay tuned for a recap of part 2.

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