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Boost agent productivity and reduce costs with Agent Co-pilot.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive
Boost agent productivity

In the era of rapid technological advancement, the synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and customer service has revolutionised the way businesses interact with their customers. Here at Puzzel, we’re focused on leveraging Generative AI’s capabilities to improve customer satisfaction and reduce contact centre costs. One such innovation is Puzzel’s AI-powered Co-pilot for agents and admins.  

In this blog post, we explore Agent and Admin Co-pilot and dive into how its potent AI capabilities can amplify agent productivity while driving down operational costs. 

Unveiling Agent Co-pilot 

There is a wealth of information that agents need to be familiar with to quickly address customer queries and requests. From the simplest to most complex tickets, agents need to look at different content hubs, have an understanding of where to look first and take time to open various resources.  

Finding suitable answers for various tickets can be time-consuming, ranging from 30 seconds to several minutes. It also means looking at different tools, increasing complexity in solving simple tickets. This process is manual and repetitive, but more importantly – it impacts Average Handling Time, a crucial metric for Contact Centres and their costs. 

The simplification of complex multitool searches 

Puzzel’s integration with OpenAI introduces Agent Co-pilot. This feature provides suggested answers to customer queries while agents interact with them. Supporting agents in resolving their cases faster and providing relevant information to customers quickly and effectively, Agent Co-pilot improves the agent experience, optimising research time and the process for accurate responses.  

Boosting bot admin productivity 

Knowledgebase administration can be a time-consuming process. Maintaining consistency in language quality can also be challenging, with large quantities of informational content.  

Puzzel’s generative AI-powered Co-pilot tool offers comprehensive support to bot administrators, assisting them in a host of tasks. Content processing support ranges from creation, editing, summarisation and categorisation to translations. Admin Co-pilot can also simplify chatbot training with automatic generation of bot intent models in multiple languages.  

Simplifying the bot training process 

A customer in the travel industry faced the daunting task of converting over 1000 articles, spanning three languages and four brands, into intent models for chatbot conversations. Manual execution would lead to a significant investment of time and effort for their team.  

Leveraging Puzzel Smart Bot trainer’s integration with OpenAI, they were able to cut time and cost with automatic generation of bot intent models in all required languages.   

Harnessing the AI Advantage 

By harnessing the advanced capabilities of AI, contact centres stand poised to elevate the overall agent and admin experience. The journey of exploration into the realm of Co-pilot tools has many advantages and great potential, spanning from the enhancement of agent productivity to the reduction of time invested in crafting bot intent models. The resultant impact on critical metrics within the contact centre sphere is tangible and far-reaching. 

Leverage the power of AI to improve the agent and admin experience while seeing the change in key Contact Centre metrics.

Explore how Co-pilot tools can help you enhance agent productivity, reduce time spent in building bot intent models and impact key metrics for your Contact Centre – book a demo now

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